Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Stay Balanced, Stay Focused, Stay Cool!

Many of you are right now also logged into Gmail, Facebook and/or twitter. So am I! I'm also writing online, reading news, checking political and financial websites, and having fun! I believe it's best to "mix" one's activities online. Some of you are still using AIM, others have moved onto Skype. It's all good!

I'm still trying to decide whether to dump the old blogroll... I don't see too many of them anymore, not there like were circa 2005. I've grown comfy with Blogspots' comments system, because it works quite well on my PC. I guess I really don't have too many complaints. I've got ads: through Google, tmi Wireless, Entrecard, Adgitize, Project Wonderful, plus I sell 'em on my own as well... there's money in my PayPal account... MyBlogLog is still around, after announcements it was to have been discontinued... even if it goes I still have Friend Connect through Google.

ENTRECARDERS: When I checked earlier this evening the going rate for ads here was at an unusually low 128ecs! Now is the time to buy - don't worry about the "wait" because you know I always post fresh content! If you want to go another route, I'll run your entrecard ads on this and two other blogs at a BARGAIN price: USD$29 for ONE FULL MONTH!

For the time being I'm pretty much satisfied that I chose to stay with blogspot. I've learned how to get around on it rather well, and I do have back-ups on LiveJournal and Posterous.

So I wonder what the next big blogging thing will be? I'll be spending the late summer nights fine-tuning things here, as I expect that beginning in September I'll be quite busy both at work and here at home with the blog as the US elections draw nearer.

Thanks for visiting my blog - whether you are here everyday, or you just come for the music mondays, or only read the political or financial posts, or if you simply stop and drop an entrecard: you're part of my online crew. I hope something I've written about or linked to here will enrich you or help you in some way. Time go offline now. It's been a beautiful "my kind of" summer day. Goodbye facebook, twitter, gmail, blogspot... See you tomorrow! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a card game to get to before 10 o'clock!
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jenn said...

I still have a blogroll on my blog, mostly because it's easy to visit my favorites that way. I have seen many people move it off their front page, but I like mine where it is.

Cacai M. said...

I got an ec ad for 256 but I don't see any bad because I know it's worth it or even if more than that. Anyway, there is an speculation or a news that bloglog will be down for up to when its services will end? Well, it's still running for now which is am glad and hope it won't go far as what the news was. I still hope for best and yeah, there is still Google Friend Connect, blogcatalog, NetworkedBlogs, etc but again, I'll be sad if it ends. Anyway, thanks for sharing the news and such.. I also enjoyed reading your most posts.. am a regular visitor of this site of yours through ec.. I've been reading a lot.. thanks!

Dave Lucas said...

Thanks for the comments, ladies! Nice to hear from you!

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