Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Around The Blogosphere 22 June 2010

Adgitizer ::: Attention Entrecard & Adgitize Members!

posted by Poulili at Evelyn Poulili Dumont Illustratrice Infographiste © -Soutenez-moi ou pas sur la galerie concours d'Amkaphone. C'est tout nouveau et là je pense à mes potes illustrateurs - trices, vous aussi proposez vos visuels.

Angela's Pinky World ::: 10 Αποτυχημένα Pole Dancing (video)

Pat Austin ::: And So it Goes in Shreveport - Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal is now fighting the deepwater drilling moratorium in court.

Blazing Minds ::: How To Remove Possible Spammers From Your Twitter Followers

My Open Wallet ::: Ads in Free iPhone Apps

Online Social Networking ::: Facebook Groups as Alternatives to Ning Sites
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Karen said...

Thanks for mentions my blog post at Blazing Minds, it's very much appreciated ;)

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