Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Read All About It...

In these modern digital days we are often so pressed for time... this noonhour I availed myself of an unusual luxury: the opportunity to relax and enjoy Thursday's Times Union.

A couple of stories caught my eye: the scramble for "high speed rail" has been talked about for several years around these The Capital District was once a major rail hub.

Truth be told, had GM (now Government Motors) not taken great pains to ruin the national trolley car and light rail systems, the USA wouldn't be as deep in the energy mess as we are (and if you haven't done so already) BE SURE TO WATCH the film about the EV1 "Who Killed The Electric Car" ::: the answer of course, GM. Just like BP would have had us believe oil was scarce and we should pay $3.55 a gallon for gas, GM recalled and crushed the marvelous EV1 so it could manufacture and sell HUMMERS! Talk about GREED!

Above the railroad story there's a yawner about the incompetentcy of New York State government when it comes down to the budget process.

Has this happened to you? Your mobile phone loses all data, either by accident or equipment failure.

The third story that I enjoyed was about the sporting event that all North Americans will be watching tonight on tee-vee ::: it ain't the world cup! The link I selected directs you to ESPN, not the TU.
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imelda said...

im not an american but il watch the nba. i go for the lakers

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