Friday, June 18, 2010

Our Own Backyard Big Screen TV!

The nice weather has FINALLY arrived, you're going to notice more summer-related posts here on this humble weblog! I previously mentioned that we have created and installed and are now testing our homemade wi-fi antenna, which is giving us great signals scooped for FREE out of the skies...

Have you ever watched that TV show one of the Ion-TV channels (55.3 in Northeastern/Central New York state) where a bunch of people are trying to equip an apartment using only stuff they've collected for FREE at the curb?

On a recent episode, one of the junk scroungers brought home a large flat-screen TV. The interesting thing about this is the comment the junkie made "many times people throw flat screens out thinking they are broken, when in fact they are not!" Well, wouldn't you know that the following week I was driving thru one of the student neighborhoods, you know: the areas bordering city college campusses... lo and behold, a college kid was placing a HUGE flat screen against the telephone pole by the curb. I stopped the car, opened the window and yelled "hey kid, can I have that thing for parts? I have one just like it and the outer casing has a crack in it - I wanna try and fix it!"

You wouldn't believe his answer: "Oh you can have it. Nothing's wrong with it. I'm going back home and there's no room for it in my car. I'll just get a new one in the fall." As Homer Simpson would say, "D'oh!" It's nice to have rich parents - or - little regard for electronic equipment, whichever the case!

Now we've got a beautiful flat screen that's working beautifully and we want to hook it up outside on the deck so we can not only watch local digital TV for FREE, but also connect a netbook to it so we can watch youtube and straming videos on the big screen in the evenings. Problem: how to protect it from the elements. (We wanted to mount it permanently).

We searched for and found "outdoor tv enclosures" - and VOILA! Problem solved! Now dig this: we chose a model with an 'all-weather enclosure' that protects the screen from the elements and from vandals too!

Here's the "secret" of "discarded" flat-screen techology: pick it up, bring it home. Google to see if you can find a manual and/or other instructions/tips online. Most of these units have a RESET button. Sometimes it is HIDDEN and not easy to find! Plug the unit in, trigger the reset, and you've got picture! Some models also go dark when the picture controls are messed with and get "stuck" - so be sure to play with those as well, plugging and unplugging and re-setting the unit each time you power up or down!
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imelda said...

wow i wan to meet that kid who gis ave you the flat tv. id ask if he has no room for his ref, too. mine is too small now considering that I have to stack more food for the week for kids lunchboxes

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