Thursday, July 22, 2010

Bloggers Making Headlines

A blogger is asking for help! Let's give LARRY a hand!

Suburban displeasure ::: The Albany Eye has been dormant for some time, but the blogger behind it is caught in the crosshairs of the public ear in what has become fodder for Capital Region talk radio. (Times Union BLOG)

TIME Magazine ::: Blogger and Former WGY talk show host Mark Williams is on the outs with the "Tea Party Express"

Shocking disclosure ::: A gossip website for high-schoolers is run by a 31-year-old man who also runs an amateur porn sister site. (Gawker)

Watch a promotional documentary about Whive. Whive is an East African social network created by Kenyan blogger John Karanja.

The media in Zambia, a country which for a long time has only known the Zambia Daily Mail, Times of Zambia and the Post for stable, corporate-style newspapers and the Zambia National Broadcasting Corporation and newer private TV and radio stations, is being turned on its head as bloggers as well as citizen broadcasters enter the media space.

Cigarette hater ::: Xiaxue takes a stand against smoking.

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Anonymous said...

The paper says --- Madeo, who appears to be rarely at a loss for words, seemed tongue-tied and circumspect over what he called "a very stressful time."


A Little Angel Rose said...

Hopefully the Times-Union will reign in that idiot Madeo - notice how he always writes phoney comments on their blogs and signs them "Paul Vandenburgh"? They always get through because Madeo's buddies screen the comments! Look at the comments about the idiot that channel 6 showed tonight on TV! They should arrest him!

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