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#musicmonday ::: How to Save YouTube Videos as VCDS or mp3's

[This is an update of one of my thousands of great "posts from the past"]

I have a huge collection of video CDs that I can watch on my computer and laptop, as well as on my DVD player. I make them on old Windows PCs running Win98SE and WinME! If you have an old PC that you no longer use to access the Internet, you can use it as a tool for projects like Videos and eBooks, things that you want to keep in a more secure environment, safe from hackers and crackers!

The images of Beyonce (from YouTube video "Beyonce Live In Japan") you see on this post were lifted from YouTube videos I downloaded and converted into VideoCDS. You can do it too!

YouTube is a great resource and source of entertainment.

Have you ever watched a YouTube video and wished you could copy and save it , or maybe just copy the audio? (So you could maybe xfer it to your mobile phone or iPod?)

Save YouTube Audio

Three ways (maybe more exist) to do this:
#1 - connect a cassette or digital recorder to the output / earphone jack on your PC. Voila!
#2 - use a program like Adobe Audition or Audacity to record the stream directly (this doesn't always work - if it does for you, great!0
#3 - if you can't do #1 or #2, go to or and follow the instructions.

TIP: strip the extra crap off the YouTube video URL. If you get a response that says something like "URL not valid" or "URL not found" go into the code section YouTube displays in the upper right corner. Copy,paste into notepad an look for the REAL URL. It'll be http://---something, and that's the actual location of the video on YouTube! Since I first wrote this article, keepvid now processes video from other sources... check the website!

Save YouTube Video

You DON'T need a DVD burner! Personally, I save YouTube clips via keepvid, convert them via Super and make VideoCDs out of them that can be played on all DVD players (except the $29 ones at WalMart) and on ANY PC (you don't need a DVD player or burner - just a CD DRive!)

Improvements to KeepVid include being able to convert the youtube video of your choice into a high quality file that can be saved onto your smartphone! (photo below) HINT: 3gp for phones, medium or high quality FLV for conversion to VCD using Super. The choices of file conversions changes depending on the quality of the original file.

You want tutorials? OK - I've got two great posts for you:



If you have difficulties finding any programs or components, drop me an email and I'll try to help: mouseover my photo in the sidebar to get my email addy!

By the way, I use a neat little program called LALIM to watch video CDS on my PCS. It fits on a floppy, so if anybody needs a copy, again, just email me or contact me via comments and I'll hook you up with it, if you'll pay for the diskette or CD and shipping!!!

UPDATE: About a year ago I downloaded the VLC Media Player which allows me to watch .avi TV programs (Like "Merlin" and "NCIS" that I fetch from international fan sites) ::: I swear to God the depth and clarity on my old PC rival the Hi-Def TV in the living room! My next step is to purchase one of those flat screens that can be used for BOTH PC andTV!

Here's more good advice from LifeHacker, who takes a look at the best ways to get better video, download clips, and just find the video you’re looking for at YouTube.

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