Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Nothing makes me go GRRRRRRRR! faster than something that screws around with my blog! Especially ANYTHING that "pops up." So when I saw this I took immediate action (details after the screenshot). I haven't used "payperpost" in many many moons, and I was infuriated when I saw this appear on my site!

Here's the line of code you have to remove from your blog script or template: it contains the following URL -

Do this carefully (as in make sure you have about 5 to 25 minutes of time you can devote to this, depending on your level of comfort working with code) If your blog or website has a large script, go to your script editor, "select all" - "copy" and then "paste" the copy into wordpad or a large capacity text editor.

Search for and delete that line. If you can't find the line back in your template or script by looking for it manually, simply "save" what you've put in the text editor, then "select all" then "copy" and now go back to your dashboard template, do another "select all" and "paste" then hit the dashboard's save button and you're all set. (Make sure you didn't - or your text editor didn't - make any other changes. TO BE SAFE - keep a copy of the original template AND if your service - blogspot does this - lets you download and save your template or blog, do that too!)

When you're all done, call up your blog and refresh the page on your PC to make certain that all is well.

I show NO MERCY when programs, services or widgets F with my blog!

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Anonymous said...

AWESOME CALL, DAVE! Anything that could make visitors click away should be dealt with immediately!

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