Sunday, August 22, 2010

Hundreds... Thousands... Millions...

Last week the folks at entrecard emailed a notice that they had uploaded a post to their blog inviting members to "guest blog" about the program.

I've shared many of my EC experiences with you here on this little blog of mine.

The entrecard society is a "world within a world" which has its own particular set of rules. For example, there are blogs you can spend a thousand or more EC's to advertise on, while there are blogs you can place an advert on for 64EC or 8Ec or even 2EC...

EACH of the two blogs shown in the screengrab carries a "PR 3" - here are real-time SEO stats (PR, Google info,
Yahoo info, Msn info, Alexa ranking, Today Unique visitor, Today Page view, Yesterday Unique visitor, Yesterday Page view, Total Unique visitor, Total Page Views and Users Online)

SEO Stats powered by MyPagerank.NetSEO Stats powered by MyPagerank.Net

Which one is the better one to advertise on? (OK to leave your thougts in 'comments' below!)

My advice: enjoy entrecard, accept it for what it is with all of its nuances, idosyncracies and limitations. Should you grow tired of dropping EC's --- STOP! Leave the widget and whenever you run into an EC onanother blog, "drop." It won't hurt to take a "vacation" from dropping once in awhile! Here'sthe email EC sent me:
Hi Entrecarders,

So you have something you want to share with Entrecard users? If you got a story on what you're doing to improve your Entrecard experience, how to grow your web traffic, or any advice that'll benefit our users, we want to hear from you.

How it works:
We're going to make this extremely easy. Just email with "guest blog post" in the subject line. Send us your blog post and we'll read it over. If we like it, we'll post in on Be sure to include your name, email, and website.

Team Entrecard

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Marilyn's Money said...

Ok so I bit on it and entered my guest blog post to Entrecard....did you?

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