Monday, August 23, 2010

Philly Bloggers Must PAY!!!

The city of Philadelphia wants to charge bloggers $300 to continue posting on their blogs! While this fee would apply to professional or money-making blogs, it also applies to blogs created by residents as a hobby or part-time blogs that make no money. Additionally, bloggers are required to pay taxes on any earnings they received from the blog, however small the profit. AP reports that some bloggers are complaining that the fee would impinge on their free speech and would discourage dissent. They also say it's unfair to require business to taxes if they're making only $25 or $50 a year. No bloggerly love from the "city of Brotherly Love."
The motto, The City of Brotherly Love, came from William Penn, the English Quaker, who envisioned the area as a place where anyone of any color or background could live together in peace and harmony, thus, the motto about brotherly love.
What do YOU think?
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Joops said...

Every US bloggers who monetized their blogs do pay taxes every year as we have this forms that they sent to us, and yes, we are paying tax for it. But for those who don't monetize their blogs, how can they charge a fee?

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