Sunday, September 12, 2010

The Blogosphere Stops Here! Better Blogging For Bloggers NOT!

Liane YoungBlogger recently sold her blog to a media group for a hefty sum! But with the "new Google" here and the "new Blogger editor" not far off, is she the last of her kind?

I had to take Monday off from work to tie up loose ends of things that cannot be resolved during evening or weekend hours. So, after I accomplish those tasks, I'm planning to spend some time reflecting... er... personal reflecting, you know, thinking about things and figuring out my "next move."

There are a few personal goals I have which I must map out a little "game plan" for. I might send out a few tweets from my mobile phone, but otherwise I don't plan to be online at all.

I'm waiting to see what the fallout may be from the new Google... I'm experiencing it already here on this blog: topics and people that usually draw hits via Google have drawn ZERO visitors over the last few days... anybody else seeing this?

Looks like a "bad day at black rock" for the much-ballyhooed "Top 30 Young Bloggers," whom, after reading Dragonblogger's article about them, may have to hunt for new ways to make cash! Sez Drag:
When I came across the Top 30 Young Bloggers on*** I was shocked at how many of the bloggers I knew on the list, but I didn’t realize that they were all as young as they were.

I mean, Glen Allsop from Viperchill led the list, with all of the bloggers being between 14 and 21 years of age. Many having sites that have become so popular that their Alexa ratings and earnings would be enough to pay college tuitions per semester.
Now, unless these kids aren't relying on SEO via Google, what are they gonna do? And what happened to BING anyway? For awhile, about 10% of my traffic was coming from BING, and now that's gone! WTF? Dragon continues:
I found most of the bloggers on the list were Make Money Online or "Be Better Blogger" bloggers, though there were a few technology bloggers listed as well. I think they all have tremendous talent and the fact that so many teenagers are diving into Internet entrepreneurialism instead of "World of Warcraft" or other time consuming sinks that most teenagers or college kids have is fantastic.
Hey there, all you young bloggers::: Here's a little dose of "confidence" for ya ::: Why You Should Blog Even Without an Audience!

Rest assured, ther are other ways to attract traffic to a website or blog, without relying on search engines. The best way is to ADVERTISE, which, by the way, costs MONEY!

Hmmm... no females on the list, and the only blogger I'm familiar with is #19 Onibalusi Bamidele... conspicuous by her absence is LIANE YOUNGBLOGGER, who has really "cleaned house" with her blog... Liane was a young teen when she came up with "Better Blogging For Bloggers," which she recently sold to Enlist Media Network (“Enlist Media is a network of professional blogs encompassing diverse topics like finance, travel, automobile, technology, health, and environment. It creates a platform to explore, contribute, share, and connect the world by bringing bloggers, readers, prospective customers and media together…”
-From for a tidy little sum. IMHO, Liane should be #1 on's list!

Liane took care with her blog design. She only posted on it every once in awhile, at least once every two weeks. She developed a very classy looking PDF file (Prospect Buyer's Kit) and emailed it to interested parties.

Here are (were) the SELLING POINTS of her blog, from the PDF:

Age of Blog: 3 years
Page Rank 3
Alexa Rank 227,196
Average visits per day 19
Average visits per week 130

RSS feed subscribers 289
Google Friend Connect followers 167

77 Facebook Fans

Starting Bidding Price USD$500

WHOA! So, I'm wondering aloud, how much should I ask for MY blog, should I wish to sell it?
Here are MY stats: (OMG, my blog kicks Liane's blog's ass!)

Age of Blog: 6 years
Page Rank 4
Alexa Rank 113,935
Average visits per day 550
Average visits per week 3955

RSS feed subscribers (here's where my blog sucks) 5
Google Friend Connect followers 129

Starting Bidding Price USD$1500 ::: (JK-LOL!)

I don't seek out "Facebook Fans" - and if you might be wondering how healthy YOUR blog or website is, CHECK UP ON IT HERE!I'm already seriously considering switching to exclusively blogging by cellphone, and probably will after Blogger forces its klunky slow new editor on users... ways around that have already been introduced... I guess the bloggers who will be most "put out" by the new Google (and to a lesser extent, the new Blogger editor) are the ones who rely on the money thay earn from their blogging...

*** Everyone I've known who has retired at any age died within 2 to 5 years of "retirement" - on the other hand I personally know several people over the age of 70 still working, full time, and LOVING IT!
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  1. I wouldn't have thought that google's changes would have such a drastic affect on SEO.
    The instant search doesn't change the order of websites showing up for search terms. The biggest affect would be that websites may show up before someone finishes typing their search term. But if they are looking for a specific topic, shouldn't the results be the same?

  2. @Riches ::: thanks 4 checking in! ::: Here's what Steve Rubel had to say about it...

    "The most important consideration for marketers or anyone who creates content, however, is in the bullets...

    "Smarter Predictions: Even when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for, predictions help guide your search. The top prediction is shown in grey text directly in the search box, so you can stop typing as soon as you see what you need."

    Here's what this means: no two people will see the same web. Once a single search would do the trick - and everyone saw the same results. That's what made search engine optimization work. Now, with this, everyone is going to start tweaking their searches in real-time. The reason this is a game changer is feedback. When you get feedback, you change your behaviors.

    Think about it. When you push a door and it doesn't open quickly, you push harder. When you try to drive a car up a hill and it doesn't go as fast as you would like, you step on the gas. Feedback changes your behavior.

    Google Instant means no one will see the same web anymore, making optimizing it virtually impossible. Real-time feedback will change and personalize people's search behaviors."

  3. Instant Search really has hurt my blog traffic which received lots of visits from keywords that were 3 or 4 words long which have suffered the most.

  4. Well, damn, I guess the rest of us have been going about it all wrong! lol! I have about the same traffic as you, but yeah.... not exactly working hard at Facebook or Twitter to promote my blog. Ugh! Just don't have that much free time!
    And Liane had that few visitors a day, but still commanded (and got) a "tidy sum" for her efforts? Shut up! :O I'd better rethink this whole blogging thing.... ;)

    I would never sell my blog, tho. Unless someone offered me a mil. Ok... I'd let it go for $500,000.
    Yeah, that's my lowest offer! LOL!

    You never know what you'd really do until the situation presents itself, though. I'll just keep on blogging and see what does develop!


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