Friday, September 24, 2010

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This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Boost Mobile. All opinions are 100% mine.

If you are like me you might find yourself using TWO mobile phones... one for work, one for play. You know already that I like to twitter from my phone, but I don't really use either one to check on Facebook.

But I know a lot of you want a phone that you can use as a tool to be able to connect to, update and interact with your Facebook or other social network. Boost Mobile is probably the best service for YOU! The phones lend themselves to social networking, and the process of logging in, catching up on friends and freshening up your personal pages is quick and easy, so you can keep family and friends informed with LIVE Facebook updates!

The phones are pre-paid (I wouldn't do anything BUT pre-paid!) and easy to re-load with your debit/credit card and you can pay online, in-person or by phone.

Auto Re-Boost allows you to register a credit or debit card with Boost Mobile®, which can be used to automatically make a payment according to the type of plan you're on...

Boost Mobile’s $50 Monthly Unlimited Plan features unlimited domestic voice calling including long distance, unlimited text messaging including multimedia messages (picture, video and audio), and unlimited wireless web surfing. It even includes unlimited, nationwide Push-to Talk between other users of Boost or users of Sprint and Nextel. Push-to-talk is the walkie-talkie feature that gives instant communication between an individual or group of users.

Need to keep the same number as the oen on your existing cell? Here in New York there are several shops that specialize in cellular technology. Many of them are Boost Mobile affilates. They have friendly knowledgeable clerks behind the counter who can almost switch or port your number in the blink of an eye! (You probably have shops like that in your city or town! Check the yellow pages!)

BOOST has a wide variety of phones - I like the Blackberry best! (Here are the plan details!) BOOST phones are available throughout North America!

Extras that you can add to Boost’s Monthly Unlimited plan: For an additional $10 monthly, there’s an International Connect feature which provides unlimited international Push-to-Talk and text messaging. Otherwise, sending international texts cost $.10 each though receiving them is free.

If you are looking for a more affordable cell phone company that offers many extras, I recommend Boost Mobile!

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