Thursday, October 21, 2010

Just Dropped In...

Entrecard is holding a contest (DETAILS ARE HERE ... it's really easy!) Some members have a hard time reaching the daily drop quota. So here's a tip for all of you "dial-up droppers" ---

If you're on dial-up and avoid certain blogs because the load time is unbearable, use a friend's broadband computer or a public computer to "save entire webpage" onto a CD. There are two ways you can do this. If you care about content, save the main page of each blog, then burn them all to a single CD. If you are one of those netizens who like to "Hop and Drop," save just one page that you know contains a short post. When you call up the blogs from your CD, everything will load onto your browser (current widget data will likely be refreshed: keep an eye on your toolbar so you can track what's loading) and depending on the individual blog your load time will be cut anywhere between half and 90%!

I do realize (as do many entrecard members) that many of you specialize in the quick hello-goodbye hop and drop. But every now and then, when you have time, check out the great posts that many of the members upload! Happy DroPPing!
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1 comment:

Kadir said...

Nice contest!!! I will try to participate. Thanks for sharing!!!

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