Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Attention Geeks! IP over Social Network...

The following is taken entirely from a blog post that mysteriously disappeared from the net, with the message "Blog Decomissioned" appearing at the URL where Geert's blog once lived!

Sometimes people and technology just AMAZE ME. I got invited into the IP over Social Network Facebook application. It’s a fascinating view on taking your friends as neighbor RIPng routers processing IPv6 packets.

I have no idea on how to explain this… Just load the application and be amazed! It’s a literal take on your friends as peers and a real network topology map as a result.

How often have I thought about “if only people were routers” or of you are mad at somebody “damn, I’ve got to depeer him“. Well, now you can! It’s a networkers dream come true; and a nice tool for all the peering whores out there ;)

IP over Social Network is a Facebook application which allows any Facebook member to create its own IPv6 virtual router for free and build an IPv6 network over the Facebook Social Network! [Statistics]

Once you have created your virtual router by installing this free application, you can then add up to 12 interfaces (i.e. links) connected to your other friends’ routers. IPv6 packets can then be exchanged over those links and of course, like in all IP networks, can be routed to any destination over the network (including a special gateway to the IPv6 Internet of course)!

This application intends to be educational: so, each time you connect to this application and you explicitely run the Central Processor Unit (CPU), your router will work slowly by indicating in details what it is doing:

1. processing incoming packets (stored in a queue) one-by-one
2. building and updating its routing table (the map of destinations)
3. forwarding packets to other destination
4. generating Internet Control Message Protocol (ICMPv6) packets
5. updating statistics

When you are not connected to this application, your router is going in sleep mode and stops forwarding packets… So, come often to this application: at least once per day else the IP over Social Network will not work smoothly ;-)

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aldon on Facebook said...

I've been playing with IPv6 over facebook for quite a while. We should connect.

Dave Lucas said...

OK - lets - it might be a coincidence but since signing on to this app "twitgether" has gone crazy...

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