Friday, December 10, 2010

Clone Blog Spawn?

A number of look-alike blogs have sprung up throughout the Entrecard network. They're all similar. automatic. Mechanized. For what purpose?

Some of them are using machine-dropping when visiting other EC sites. They use a script on a Linux computer that does all the hopping and dropping automatically. The dropper doesn't have to watch the computer: he or she simply executes the script. It goes from blog to blog, reading the SOURCE code, finds the EC widget, auto-clicks on the "Drop" bar, and moves on! I monitored an IM conversation where a user

Who is behind them and why? What do YOU make of them? Here are the urls of just a few of their number: (you'll notoce the styles and layouts are eerily similar!)

[cut+paste in your browser window, please - this blogger was too lazy to code in the uRLs!]
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Chinaren said...

I'm glad someone else is looking at these.

I've sent Entrecard a list (actually two lists) of a hundred and twenty of these 'splogs' over the last two days. I'm keeping the list on a Word doc and we'll see if they actually do anything about them.

(I've posted on their Yommy account too, which they've replied to).

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