Thursday, December 16, 2010

Codes & Commandments To Live By

We've all heard of "affirmations" such as the ones promoted in "The Secret." Go back in time and you have the "48 rules" and "The 10 Commandments" ::: there are "positive thinkers" and "quotes of the day," and then there are those concepts that have "taken root" in my brain.

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try it seems all the positive thoughts and affirmations in the world can't make us feel better after someone or something has really hurt our feelings. another old phrase "cuts like a knife" would apply there. So "suck it up" and muster the best of your thoughts and memories when those trying times come.

Now here are the things I have found to be so very true in life:

(1) It is better to need and not have, than to have and not need. Pick up that extra item when it's on sale. You won't regret it! An extra this and that here and there always seems to come in handy, and when that "time of need" arises, will jack up your "satisfaction" level considerably!

(2) You've heard the saying "Live each day as though it were your last." Inspiring? well, more inspiring is "treat every person you meet as though you know this is THEIR last day on earth." Kinda puts a new spin on it, doesn't it? Every living person, even the most vileous, in his or her heart wants to be forgiven and wants to be loved the way they once were, either by a parent, friend, spouse or lover. Certainly don't be an idiot, but do give your care, concern and attention to those who cross your path today.
This week, you will encounter:

1. A man who was badly abused as a child.
2. A woman who's recently lost a baby.
3. A child whose family lost their home in foreclosure.
4. A person battling a life threatening illness.
5. Someone who's lost faith in everything.

You'll recognize these people. They'll be the ones you silently call rude, nasty, impatient, stupid, annoying, insensitive or slow.

You could send them your blessing.

It would matter.
(3) The last is a twist on the old "Footprints in the sand" verse, where when the second set of prints disappears for awhile, that's your time in life when you were so weak that Jesus carried you.

This time the analogy is a well in the desert, strategically located at the point where no man or beast could go on without quenching the thirst for life's water. The well has a rope and bucket. The bucket has a small hole in the bottom. When you lower the bucket to bring up water, you can't fill it because it runs out the hole, but by the time you bring it up there is ENOUGH to quench your thirst. And the hole "fixes" it so that no one would care to steal the bucket, thus it will always remain there for thirsty travelers.
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Sandro said...

Nice, inspiring post. Love especially the second point. I have bookmarked your article in my Stumbleupon favorites.

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