Sunday, December 26, 2010

Safe Entrecard Dropping While Avoiding Splogs

Some EC members have become concerned about "splogs" and website bearing EC widgets that transmit virusses or malicious software.

Here is how you can avoid any problems when reciprocating drops:

SPLOGS ::: One dropper sent Entrecard a list (actually two lists) of a hundred and twenty of these 'splogs' ... it's up to EC to de-list them! In the meantime, recipro-drop only on blogs you know and trust... if you are NOT SURE, then

CHECK ANY BLOG YOU ARE SUSPICIOUS OF! If you click on the link here, you'll see Norton giving my blogging friend Martin's "Cornyman blogreviews" a clean bill of health! Put Martin on your "trusted" list!

If you ever run into any kind of strange loading problem with any blog you regularly visit, run the URL through the above test. Norton will report to you if anything is wrong!
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1 comment:

Jamie said...

I'm wondering why the higher-up admins in EC won't do anything about this? Granted that people are actually reporting this, that is.

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