Saturday, February 05, 2011

Get Your Blog Noticed With A Blog Review

Want to get your blog (or Facebook or twitter landing page) noticed? I'll review it for you! My blog review will have a minimum 400 words, with at least three backlinks.

Your review appears here, on Facebook, twitter, and of course becomes permanently archived.

A review generates buzz and backlinks, attracts visitors and can help increase pagerank!

If your blog needs work, my honest assessment will go directly to YOU, and WILL NOT be published until everything can be fixed to our mutual satisfaction!

My service comes highly recommended, at a low cost of USD $30.

Write your own review and pay for only $20. note: the review you have written must not be published or displayed elsewhere. It will carry a disclaimer saying that I, Dave Lucas, have not personally reviewed your site.

As a professional writer, I approach these reviews quite seriously. I believe in giving quality with each and every article I publish for the benefit of the advertiser, but for the people who will be reading the review.

Order now! For reviews, adverts, questions, reports, joint-venture proposals, interview requests and other transactions you wish to relay to me, you may email me:


A warning to spammers: mail at your own risk. You are putting at danger your own reputation by sending unnecessary messages. ALL IP ADDRESSES ARE LOGGED!

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