Monday, March 28, 2011

Marizela Perez Wristbands

BRACELETS ARE IN!!! The support bracelets for Marizela Perez have arrived. They are orange with the words "lahat ay magiging maayos" (all will be well) on them. They are $5 - ALL PROCEEDS GO TO THE PEREZ FAMILY.

All Will Be Well (Coffee House, Benefit for Marizela Perez)

The search for Marizela Perez continues. Hopefully, wherever she is she will be okay.
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Beng Gee said...

Nice to see the bracelet for Maristela's cause printed in Tagalog. Where is it sold?

Dave Lucas said...

@Beng Gee:

Marizela's friend Brianna Price went to school with her in Egg Harbor Township, NJ. Brianna teamed up with Elizabeth (Beth) Janansky and Lydia Chong to make and sell bracelets to support the search for Marizela. They are orange "for Marizela's favorite color" and include the Tagalog phrase from her tattoo -- "lahat ay magiging maayos." ("All will be well" or "Everything's going to be okay.")

You can order bracelets for $5 each (all proceeds go to Marizela’s family for the search) from Brianna.

E-mail her at and put “MARIZELA” in the subject line.

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