Thursday, April 28, 2011

All About About!

Suddenly, all bloggers are knuckleheads.

The latest "advice" craze among "guru" bloggers involves tweaking or otherwise "tuning up" any blog or website's "ABOUT" page!

I've noticed a lot of articles like this one are making the rounds. And here's a somewhat milder post:
Richard Adams writes::: "Your readers want to know who *you* are. They want to know what makes you unique, what your experiences are and why they can trust what you’re writing." TRUE, but you don't HAVE to tell them everything anything.
Let's examine this realistically: quite simply, everyone has his or her own unique comfort level. No one should be compelled to believe they need give up more information than they would feel comfortable with. I don't believe that spilling your guts or detailing your resume is a requirement for an effective "about" page. I think the topic is without all the merit recently attributed to it, and is on its way to becoming another vehicle for "guru" bloggers to get links, sell ebooks and kiss each other's fannies.

RIPPED from Google: a few of the more legit advice articles...
Ideas for Crafting a Better 'About' Page - Baymard Institute
Awesome About Page Designs for Inspiration -
How to write about yourself, "about" pages |

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Suzan St Maur said...

Thanks for the compliment! Glad you found my piece on About pages useful.

Suze from

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