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Bloggers! "Better Blogging" ebooks may be nothing but rip-offs! free polls
If you have ever purchased and downloaded an e-book, were you satisfied that your money was well-spent?
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It has come to my attention that a lot of ebooks YOU are downloading and PAYING for may be rip-offs of other people's works! Nielsen Hayden investigates in the article Fence Your Stolen Content at"


First stop: Are eBooks the new Content Farms? by Mike Essex. I recommend his article.

Here are the bullet points from his post, in re e-books:

  • They have little to no copyright detectors
  • You can turn around a book 24 hours
  • Books can cover the same topic in multiple angles
  • They sit on strong domains so have an added boost
  • They have high royalty payouts
  • Reviews don’t help
Although the article deals mainly with, there's a BOATLOAD of pirated ebooks being hawked by "blogging gurus" --- back to Neilsen H:

This brings us to the next post I’d like to bring to your attention: The Kindle Swindle by Laura Hazard Owen, March 31 (yesterday).

Ms. Owen links to Mike’s post, and runs with it. She has a screen shot of an ad for something called “Autopilot Kindle Cash,” a training course being sold to would-be Kindle spammers, that promises to teach them how to post ten, twenty, or more new e-books to Kindle every single day.

Again, I recommend this post, because it expands and comments on Mike’s original. Taken together, they make the future look bleak for legitimate authors who want to use the Kindle platform.

Have you noticed the rash of ebooks by bloggers to help other bloggers blog better? Do you think some of them might be rip-offs? I wrote about them on my post entitled "Awesome Ultimate Blog Promotion Guide" --- here's a snippet:
Now, let's get on to BLOGGERS who are selling their own "Snake Oil" to unsuspecting individuals who just wanna make a few bucks with their own blogs.

(1) Like the "Secret" gurus and the real-estate moguls and the other cast of "successful" characters appearing on tv infomercials, there are "Guru Bloggers."

(2) If the Gurus were really making so much money or gaining spiritual enlightenment or buying real estate for pennies on the dollar, why on earth would they want to "share" that info with me and you? Keep in mind that "sharing" does not come without a price: they're selling something and they want you to believe in it and think it's great and buy it!

(3) I was inspired to write this post after I received an email from a very well-known, well-respected blogger. I won't tell you who that blogger is, but I will share the contents of the letter:

Before I do, I'll have you know that the e-mail raised ALARM BELLS right away - why would some hotsy-totsy top-notch blogger be personally e-mailing me? Could these bloggers be partnering to grab even more cash? Here's the letter (along with the post in its entirety)...

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