Friday, April 29, 2011

Millionaire Lottery Winner Hawking Book

If I were a big prize winner, I wouldn't bother selling anything on the net - I'd be too busy spending money and planning for my future.

Found in my "spam" email inbox: a message from LARRY!
Hover and click on the images to see what I've seen! Here's a link to "Larry"'s website, via the e-mail:

And here's a link to the Oklahoma Lottery:


Why is "Larry" hiding his identity? (If that is "Larry" writing me?)
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IludiumPhosdex said...

It might be worth knowing, for the sake of insight, that no single lottery "system" has been shown to have a proven, consistent track record of accurately predicting winning lottery numbers.

After all, such "systems" would be tampering with the laws of Random Chance and Probability as eventually decides who wins or loses in lotteries; what's more, odds of winning are clearly stated in the relevant media (as in tickets and "how-to-play" brochures for the several games available, as well as their websites).

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