Saturday, May 28, 2011

Get Your Blog or Social Media Website Noticed by Giving Gifts!

I'm always interested in finding new ways to stimulate and promote my blog business! PEOPLE love free stuff! Laser engraved pens can be a very efficient tool for promoting your blog or social media site. They look snappy: Amsterdam Printing designs them in-house, and they are available in a variety of colours and styles.

If you're the kind of blogger who attends meet-ups, tweet-ups, "falsh mobs" and really any events specifically organized by and for bloggers and other social-media devotees, pens make a great hand-out gift. No one ever says "no" to a free pen, and they almost always hang on to the ones that are stylish (like the sample shown in the picture above)!

Think about that: a classy, professional gift that will keep on giving because whoever picks it up is likely to check out your blog or social media account if they are near (or next time they hop on) a computer!

Now it's just not pens: you may want to think about other giveaway items, such as t-shirts, coffee/cocoa mugs (it'll be autumn before you know it) and more. Imagine that eloquently designed coffee mug with your info emblazoned on it, sitting in an office on somebody's desk day after day, a constant reminder that YOU are on the internet! There are certainly companies out there offering similar services, but consider the fact that has quite a huge selection of superior quality promotional items, at low low prices.

Here's something else you haven't been thinking of: ENVELOPES! Personalize them the same way you would your pens, with your blog url and/or twitter id! There's a link on the website to create and order your very own custom printed envelopes. Next time you're sending a letter to a friend or relative, or mailing a bill, or sending an order in for something, once again people are able to see your info! (You can even add a logo or your gravatar!) The more eyes that see your twitter id or your blog URL, the better for you! And who knows: suppose somebody wearing one of your custom t-shirts has their picture taken by a magazine or newspaper! Presto! Instant free PR and advertising!

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Mary said...

Nice post ! is a social utility that connects people with friends and others who work, study and live around them.

Tex 102 said...

Hi! Never thought of this! I put a few ads in my local paper and got a few new subscribers to my blog that way!

Andremartin said...

social media Thanks! This is a great offer. By the way I absoulety love your blog name.

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