Monday, May 30, 2011

#WeinerGate (Wienergate?), Genette Cordova and Huma Abedin

Secretary of State aide Huma Abedin may be the next "Good Wife" to launch a mad crackdown on her hubby: she may have some "competition" ... or not ...

With everything going on these days, like Arnold, Tiger Woods, the mad Frenchman and the hotel maid, the political fellow from western NY who sent out shirtless pix of himself... this isn't really surprising!

21-year old College coed Gennette Cordova (aka "Gennette Nicole" Cordova, a student at Whatcom Community College, Bellingham, Wash., where she is a reporter for the student newspaper, Horizon) got a XXX photo from Rep. Anthony Weiner's Twitter account! She says she never met him in person, but admitted to being "a fan". The Daily News points out ::: Some right-wing bloggers insist it must be proof that Weiner was having an affair with Cordova, who had once jokingly Tweeted: "I wonder what my boyfriend @RepWeiner is up to."

Cordova issued a lengthy statement [ReAd it HeRe], complaining about how she's been characterized on blogs and other web sites.

Rep. Weiner insists a "hacker" sent photos to "Genette Nicole" ---


Liz Benjamin: “The woman to whom the picture was sent has since deleted both her Facebook and Twitter accounts. Very odd.”

Yeah... why would she delete her accounts ??? That's a move of DESPERATION...

And apparently, there's been an effort underway to erase the name “Gennette Cordova” off the Internet — even having her byline removed from articles she wrote for her college newspaper!

Hover & CLICK on the image for the Daily NX Story!

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Frank Furter said...

The "Weiner Hacker" has made Weiner a household name over a very dull news weekend.

Deb from Long Island said...

She looks like a SNOOKI - wannnabe!

JONAS said...

How long before Rep Weiner says "I did not have tweets w/ that woman"?

Love Is Good said...

Nothing wrong with a little extra sex! That's the way man was built! Let these guys alone ! LET MY PEOPLE SCREW!

twitter_follower_1953797 said...


Anonymous said...

Much adoo over nothing. That wasn't what most think was in his shorts, it was his shorts over his nose.

Anonymous said...

This Cordova idiot is just another imbecile. What possibly can we expect from her? She has it written in her forehead: "WHORE".
Just ask this question to yourself: Why didn't i get that picture?

Winner is one of the dark licentious characters that unfortunately dominate in todays politics,not only in the US but also elsewhere.

Winner and Cordova are the same. So are all the diggers of this news!

What a world! With Wienner-s and Cordova's!

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