Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Google PageRank Changed

Maybe you did something to invoke the wrath of the googlegod. Or maybe you're not getting the right keywords out. Or maybe your blog is getting buried beneath tons of other blogs. Relax. There is hope.

Google Apps manager attacks Microsoft Office 365

Google generally fails at all things social.... Google Now Showing Local +1 Counts

As of today, I have a PR3. If that dropped to 0 or rose to 7, would it make any difference? Honestly, I don't know for sure. I've been in both places, and nothing seems like it really changed...

This morning Hesham posted "Have You Noticed Google PageRank Update Today?" on Famous Bloggers. He writes:

Check your Google PageRank Now!

Here is the link to Google PageRank checker tool.

I wonder if Google will keep the update going, this is July 2011 update, so the next update should be in three months from now, the next PR update will be next October if I am right!

Have you notice any changes to your site’s PageRank? Positive or negative?

What you did to get higher Google PageRank?

Please, share your blog’s PR and let us know whether you think it’s fair or not!

Now here's a semi-updated traffic article I wrote in 2010:

So you wanna know how to increase traffic without relying on Google or Bing or Technorati?
Here's how! Before you begin: this will take a little EFFORT on your part, but you'll be rewarded in the end!

1 - Twitter - You don't tweet? Open an account NOW. Follow the rules and recommendations. Do a little research. Once you fly with the twitterati, and your blog is linked from your twitter homepage, you'll get a few links every day that go direct to your blog. If you write a great article, others will tweet about it!

2 - Facebook - FB is currently THE place to be! You can get services your automated so that your blogposts show up on Facebook and pass through to twitter. I do that! Now, traffic to your blog isn't going to jump overnight. But in time, if you produce quality stuff, you'll get readers. Trust me, 25 regular solid readers are better than 225 one-time visitors! BTW: MySpace is good too, especially if you are associated with music.

3 - C-Box - *** UPDATE: Unfortunately, SPAMMERS took over C-Box and I had to remove it from my blogs. If you have a small audience with targeted content in a niche area, you may not have any trouble with spammers. But, as soon as ONE appears, others inevitably follow.
Do you have an avatar? Y'now, a little picture, a little graphic image of you - something people will associate with you and your web presence by sight... once you have one you like, get it up there on your blog, on Facebook, MySpace, twitter, MyBlogLog etc. etc.
4 - email - put the URL of your blog in the signature of every email you generate!

5 - Blogs - if you read other blogs regularly, be sure to comment. Don't say something stupid, like "nice blog" or "check out MY blog." Start off by just commenting. Leave your name but NOT your URL. If the blogger you're following happens to write about something you've blogged about in the last 5 or 10 days, THEN add your comment with a link to what YOU posted. Be sure to explain why you agree or disagree with the other blogger's article!

FORGET Digg, StumbleUpon and Technorati. Unless you've written a truly SPECTACULAR article. be honest. When's the last time that you (or I) have done that?

Which brings us to

6 - PRESS Releases - for when you actually DO come out with a SPECTACULAR article (or an EXCLUSIVE - you've got that cellphone in your pocket - most now have cameras - if you snap a newsworthy photo and you can write something about it (interview the person if you're the only 'reporter' on the scene) you have the makings of a SPECIAL article! (You may even catch the attention of MSM (main steam media)!

7 - Business Cards - if you are a problogger or you are in business, as long as your blog isn't some craxy x-rated thing or all about some kooky off-topic subject you'd be ashamed to let people who know you read, add the URL to your business cards.

8 - local newspaper ads - if you blog about things in your area or city, check out some of the weekly tabloids - some accept ads for blogs and they don't charge more than $5 or $10. Ask if they'll give you a discount if you order 10 weeks in a row. Especially NOW, the Autumn-Winter times of year when people will be indoors (and right after Xmas when people will be test-driving new netbooks and laptops) are extra good times to get your URL out there!

9 - PING your blog each and every time you write something new! Try pingler.com for starters!

10 - YouTube - I really don't use YouTube as much as I should. It works VERY WELL for bloggers who have video to share. I mention it here because I've heard so many positive comments from those who do use it. Like Multiply or Mobi, it's a niche group, but if you're "in" with that group, it will help you build traffic!

Feel free to share your feedback with me by leaving me a comment using either "comments" feature below. If you have any questions, I’ll be happy to help answer them for you. Take a moment to subscribe to my RSS Feed and be sure to start following me on Twitter.

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  1. Yes it is out and up - thanks for the notice! From zero to four for the pdf search engine - went online just after the January pagerank update.


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