Monday, June 27, 2011

NetActive 27 June 2011

Punk'd in Pink? ::: Hot on the heels of the Gay Girl in Damascus hoax (perpetrated by Thomas MacMaster, a middle-aged American man), comes "Marc" the gay activist of indeterminate nationality who, in his telling, was spurned by the Gaza aid flotilla. Leave it to the Christian Science Monitor to get to the bottom of this one: Marc is in fact Omer Gershon, an Israeli actor and PR person! Details »

Gershon has been profiled in leading Israeli publications such as Haaretz, Maariv and Ynet (here and here).

A 2008 report gave his age as 33 and said he lived in Tel Aviv. Gershon was described as a “producer, entrepreneur, and PR manager for clubs.” Gershon says he went to school in New York where he got a degree in marketing and advertising at the age of 25 and lived there for almost four years. He also said he had volunteered for IGY (the youth LGBTorganization in Israel) and a women’s rights org called “Ladies Circle.”

In 2011, he appeared in a promotional video for XL Energy Drink featuring a man beating a Muslim woman...

Miss Info blogs ::: Well, it looks like sh*t is hitting the fan for bloggers across the world... A 16-year old from the Czech Republic is facing serious jail time for a website ( he started, that happened to link to copyrighted materials, mostly movies. Now, for hip-hop blog readers such as yourselves, the crime might not like seem much but record and movie companies seem to be going harder than ever in stopping consumers from enjoying their products for free (in this case copyrighted music and movies). Read about the latest in record companies-trying-to-stop-us from-promoting-their artists-for-free, while their marketing teams send us music to post, here.

Unfortunately, for this unlucky 16-year old he may be facing 2.5 to 4-years in jail. Check out the press release (translated via ZP) and more from Min »

Soledad O'Brien

We turn to the National (US) ECONOMY ::: Doug Powers blogs "When I heard that CNN was bringing in psychics I just thought they needed help in determining where Eliot Spitzer’s ratings were buried, but nope — it was to talk about the future of the global finance." Read More »

BBC Global News

THE EDITORS' BLOG has uploaded an interesting post on Bill Clinton's housing initiative, Building Back Better Communities (BBBC), which “seeks to construct housing projects across the nation of Haiti”, but upon closer examination, “seems as though the initiative won't live up to its name and in fact will build worse communities than even before the earthquake of January 12, 2010.” It's all here »

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