Saturday, June 04, 2011

#WeinerGate Blog Interview with Gennette Cordova

Looking for "Gennette Cordova nude"??? Not here! But if you'd like to get inside this chick's head, well, here ya go! A special "interview" with Gennette Cordova, the 21-year-old journalism major who lives in Seattle. She became a follower Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.) on Twitter because she liked his message and his certitude. Cordova received a lewd photo from the Twitter account of Rep. Anthony Weiner.

Classmates said Weinergate woman was headed for tabloid scandal

The ultimate Weinergal recently sat down with a keyboard and tweeted out her thoughts, assembled here and rendered in Q and A format.

NYHB: Did the New York Post really interview you for Friday's front page story?

GNC: If I've refused to do interviews with credible shows like Good Morning America, why would I give an interview to @NewYorkPost? It wasnt an interview. I spoke candidly with someone posing as a photog assistant

NYHB: You said you don't believe Rep. Weiner’s account was hacked, but that he may have been trying to send the photo to a porn star with a similar name?

GNC: I never said the picture was meant for a pornstar***. He suggested it and I said maybe. I don't know and don't care.

NYHB: Ah, the power of suggestion! Why did you talk with the New York Post at all?

GNC: I was "Trojan horsed" by an NY Post reporter who never said who he was or that he was interviewing me. And after that invasion of privacy where they got me to speak casually, there's still no story here! Let it go.

NYHB (wonders) : Why did Gennette try to disappear from the internet over Memorial Day Weekend?

GNC addresses that: "If u recede from the public, youre accused of hiding something. If u face down your accusers, youre accused of being an attention whore."

NYHB: What do you REALLY think of all this?

GNC: If you want to know my position on this whole thing, I suggest avoiding @Newyorkpost and @politico. It's pure slop.

NYHB: Thank you for your time, Gennette!

GNC: Thank you for taking the time to get the story straight. I really appreciate it.

***Ginger Lee is the stripper and porn star who follows Weiner on Twitter. According to Politico, back in March, Lee tweeted about wanting “sexual relations” with Weiner and, less than two weeks later, she wrote that she’d received a private direct message from the congressman. Weiner had also followed Lee on Twitter but said he stopped doing so when he found out who she was.

Weiner said in an interview with CNN earlier this week that he thinks his note to Lee was a “fairly pro forma thing that goes out” to people who follow him on Twitter.

This "composite interview" was inspired by the creative writing liberties taken by The New York Post. (GennetteC has been tweeting back and forth about her "interview" with the New York Post. This ficticious interview was prepared using some of those messages.)

Genette Cordova, cover girl!

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  1. Zoom!

    A review of Rep. Anthony Weiner’s Twitter stream from May 27, the day of the crotch pic, shows that Weiner had been posting only from Adobe's TweetDeck — one of many ways to post messages to Twitter — that entire night.

    Chet Wisniewski, a senior security adviser at security software company SophosLabs, said the TweetDeck stamp “does make it more plausible that it did come from him.”

    Weiner used TweetDeck frequently, but he often also posted from the Web directly or from his BlackBerry. A widely circulated explanation for how Weiner’s Twitter account could have been hacked by email would also seem to be incompatible with the fact that the message in question originated on TweetDeck. If email had been used, the message probably would have originated via the photosharing site Yfrog, where the infamous picture was posted.

    However, this information doesn’t rule out the possibility that the congressman’s Twitter account was infiltrated — as Weiner has publicly suggested. But experts say it adds another hurdle for an alibi that has come under increasing fire.

    “The complexity goes up,” said Chris McCroskey, the Texas software developer who founded The site, which has advocated the increased participation from congressmen on Twitter, aggregates and archives all the feeds of the 112th Congress from Twitter’s application programming interface. It is the only known database to do this other than the Library of Congress, which does not publicly share its data.

    Robert Stribley, a senior information architect at Razorfish, a social media strategy agency, reasoned that if Weiner used the TweetDeck app, “it would probably make it less likely his account was hacked.”

  2. Weiner shoulda kept his wiener in the package.


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