Thursday, June 09, 2011

#WeinerGate : Huma Abedin PREGNANT

OW! It should be one of the happiest times of their lives...A report publihsed by the Chicago Sun-Times claims sources close to Hillary Clinton say the secretary of state herself was even more outraged than Huma as the increasingly sleazy details about Rep.Weiner’s “sexting” scandal unfolded. The paper quotes a "longtime Clinton supporter" as saying “What especially infuriates Hillary is how Weiner blatantly lied, and then gave that embarrassing and humiliating press conference when he ’fessed up...she can’t believe he’d just be so stupid about the whole thing.” [LINK]


Kirsten Gillibrand, New York's Junior Senator who led the charge to bring down western NY's Chris Lee after he texted a bare-chested foto of himself, seems to be in hiding regarding Rep. Weiner. NOT in hiding: columnist Maureen Dowd, who writes in the National Review Online that "Weiner should have sexted more glamorous women!"

Anthony Weiner X-rated photo revealed same day as Huma Abedin pregnant news

Daily Mail -
Huma Abedin is thought to be in the early stages of pregnancy, adding an entirely new dimension to the scandal and Ms Abedin's controversial decision to stand by her man after he admitted 'sexting' with six women. Video: Raw Video: Weiner's Wife Traveling With Clinton
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Anonymous said...

And now we know Rep. Weiner doesn't shoot blanks.

Anonymous said...

We are back in full blown to the days of yellow journalism like the Randolph Hearst days and the Great Depression. Everybody staying entertained as they lose everything. Bigger issues are calling for attention!

Sexy Sadie said...

For all the talk of the sexual revolution, it’s always really been about the guys finding a way to convince women to give them more free sex without consequences. This is why leftie men support a woman’s right to choose; it’s not because they care about women’s rights, but rather they don’t want a little accident running around that they have to support to adulthood.

The really sad fact is that leftie women are apparently too stupid to realize how they’re being used, because they willingly go along with the program. Spread your legs, it’s for the cause. Why do you think the left now uses the withholding of sex as a means to get what they want? Because in their minds, sex is always linked to their politics; it’s always been about being a sex object for the cause.

And they haven’t a clue how much they’ve lowered themselves, making themselves whores to the men who will use them. All in the name of politics.

Congratulations, all you sensitive and caring leftie men! Maybe Weiner will finally get leftie women to realize what utter tools you really are. Then again, maybe I give leftie women too much credit, because you have to have a brain in order to learn a lesson. Even if it’s only a pea brain.

Anonymous said...

Ha ha! Another "rough boy" falls down!

Tommy in Guilderland said...

It just gets better and better! Resign Weiner, you national disgrace. Like Paul Vandenburgh says, "You can't make this stuff up!"

Anonymous said...

OUT with you, Weiner ---- and your little penis, TOO!

Anonymous said...

Wiener is just what his name implies. I wonder if that's HIS baby she's preggers with? Maybe they have some kind of weird arrangement.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for Anthony Weiner's wife, but everyone in the country should want that stupid jerk out of congress. He is a disgrace to the entire country.

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