Monday, July 18, 2011

Are You READING The Tweets of Those YOU Follow?

Hey peeps! An awful lot of people using twitter want their "followees" to reciprocate and become their followers in turn. (And not because they're interested to read their tweets or personal life details.)

So I chirp, "what's the point of following and being followed, if no one pays much attention to the tweets?"

Anyone have comments???

For those of you entering via search engine, please review my personal twitter policy:

300 - that's my self-imposed limit for the number of people I follow on twitter. There are some social media "authorities" who recommend capping the number at 150. I find that 300 is very manage-able (for me) considering the mix of people whose tweets I care about.

Michael Fortin has addressed a couple of my pet net peeves: #1 is
Fake networking on twitter and facebook :::

Just like Twitter said when they dumped auto-follow from their native application:

“It is unlikely that any one can actu ally read tweets from thou sands of accounts which makes this activ ity disingenuous.”

Even Seth Godin calls mass-friending as “fake networking.” This applies to Facebook as much as it does to Twitter — or to any other social media application, for that matter.

There are 5 main groups of people using twitter:

(1) People and companies trying to make money tweeting a re-tweeting

(2) People who perceive twitter as some sort of mass popularity contest (this includes "pretend celebrities" along with the subset of those who follow as many people as they can hoping the ones that they followed have autosoftware installed that follows back; after a week they scrub their list with software that removes all the ones who followed them during that period. So they followed , let's say, 500 and 275 followed them back... they then UNfollow the all 500 and start over, but they have netted 275 "followers" who are unlikely to notice they've been undollowed)

(3) People who use twitter as if it were AOL Instant Messenger (or glorified 'texting')

(4) People who use twitter properly: for communciation, announcements, information-sharing etc. (It's okay to have two or three ads and a few re-tweets every now and then... but not 10 every hour!)

(5) People who sign up, tweet a few times, and then go inactive.

"Active Twitter users practice a selective reading policy – we can tell by peripherally glancing at most tweets if we want to read them or not. It’s a matter of who’s doing the tweeting, if we see a link or a quote inside and the keywords that pop out at us. If people don’t want to read a tweet with links, they don’t."

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  1. I have a huge following, and it gets really tough to read all the tweets. I use tweet deck to filter just the ones I want to read. When I have some spare time, I'm going to cut about 200 from my list.

  2. I don't understand people who don't follow their followers either: unless they have literally thousands upon thousands (look at Kim Kardashian, how could she possibly read the tweets of 8,355,752?) and many of those people reply to their @replies. WTF?

  3. I follow everyone who follows me and I do read everyone's Tweets. I have everyone grouped into categories of things that I find interesting.


  4. I jsut read the tweets on my home page. I don't check out everybody else's tweets. Who's got the time anyway?

  5. I couldn't possibly read EVERY tweet :)

  6. Thanks for the posts!

  7. Haven't you ever heard of speelcheck?

    "they have netted 275 "followers" who are unlikely to notice they've been undollowed)"

  8. "speelcheck"???? Is that a Serbian blogger?
    You are one heck of a gasbag, Windy!

  9. One of the largest Russian mobile carriers Megafon and the leading Russian search engine Yandex need to explain quite a lot of things to their users today due to an unspeakable data leak as thousands of SMS messages sent via Megafon website got publicly available in Yandex search results.

  10. I only read tweets from friends and my account is protected.

  11. I love twitter!

    I love to dabble on the internet, always keen to learn more and share ideas with other people.

  12. I spend at least 5 hours a day reading all of the tweets of the people I follow!

  13. I am connected to twitter 24/7. I even wake up at night and tweet!

  14. Me too! I do spend plenty of time interacting! It's not a numbers thing, it's a relationship! A two way street and it works great for me

  15. Twitter is my LIFE! I am always on!

  16. I quit my job to become a professional twitterer! I have 42 accounts and make hundreds of dollars a week tweeting and having my tweets re-tweeted by my peeps!

  17. I'm also a fulltime twitterer! I make over $900 a week! My latest twitter handle is Kristenyntmc. I'm based in Houston.

  18. umma titter too daddy


  19. An tweeter within an organization will advance to his or her level of incompetence and remain there.

  20. im a smart country girl stuck in the city right now. im going for my doctorate of physical therapy and eventually want to work with children. im down to earth, and im on twitter every single minute, ive even had twitter sex! put me down for lovin' you twitter!

  21. Roger @Herma Cloke, copy that!

    (This post is turning out to be a lotta fun!)

  22. Hi! I just moved to AZ!!/Olgamtnxb

  23. Lesbo love rocks on twitter! I use it for all my connects! Look me up if you come to Dallas!

  24. Hey there twitter mens!
    Specially older gents with money.
    I am country to the core.
    If you think Im cute let me know and give me some 10s! Yeeehah!

  25. like anything else,
    excessive twittering
    benefits no one

  26. Get up early everyday and tweet.
    Tweet again before you sleep.

  27. Your pal Marzie runs around 10-15 twitter accounts and makes all kinds of mad money!

  28. u shudnt follow anyone if yur not gonna read there tweets

  29. Tweet Tweet Tweet!
    My bubble butt is SWEET!

  30. Ceola and Tran ain't shit. I'll make u ugly bitches my slaves! ESPECIALLY YOU MISS TEX-ASS. You'll be licking my ass!

  31. Meow meow meow!
    Your "Lady of the Night here!" Ready for your gentle commands!

    Many Mariucans read my tweets @MariucaMPG

  32. I have 34DD and I can whip any black or asian chick into submission!

  33. Hi! I'm on twitter all the time too. i like men - m-e-n - but i love to watch girl on girl action too!

  34. hi dave - do you like me - i like you - i have ass like nikki minaj

  35. I've been twittering more than usual these days! Love your blog!


  37. I love playing beer pong, watching movies, listening to music, and big long

  38. I am country to the core. If you think Im cute let me know (Maybe I'll let you see my pics)


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