Thursday, July 07, 2011

Bloggers Say "Less is more!"

...and the bloggers are correct! Heck even GOOGLE agrees!

The guru bloggers have been quiet lately. Maybe they've been counting the money they made selling their latest PDF's and eBooks!

I've told you that I've been considering a new template - and I came THIS CLOSE to activating it this week - but I'm holding off - something whispering in my ear "not yet".

Meanwhile, the latest "blogger buzz" (and battle cry) seems to be "LESS IS MORE" ---, minimalists would definitely agree!

Brankica posts that cry of "LESS IS MORE" right out of the gate in an article on ::: "For those of you that have been reading my blog for awhile, I guess you may have noticed that I am removing social buttons left and right. There are also some numbers displayed and some hidden.

Brankica goes on to discuss what one should display on one's blog when it comes down to numbers of followers, subscribers, alexa rank, etc. To which I commented "Numbers mean nothing. You can buy 2000 twitter followers on fiverr for $5 – you can buy subcribers to your blog and purchase ‘hits” as well. There are A-list blogs that have 0 page rank. There are crappy scraper blogs that are autogenerated with PR5 and “5000″ subscribers!

I don’t display too much in the way of twitter and very little facebook information. I have a personal cap of 300 I follow on twitter. My facebook is my business. I do have some google connect numbers displaying, but I feel those are kinda sketchy, and they’ll probably be gone when I redesign the blog.

I have a bunch of sharing buttons on my blog. I keep them there just in case someone wants to use one of them. They rarely do, but WHEN they do, I get beaucoup visitors!

As for alexa: there are so many conflicting stories about it! I think I might still have the widget (or at least a link to alexa) on my blog.

I use 3 different sitemeter services PLUS the google/blogspot one that now comes with the platform. None of them ever agree. There was a day in May one hitcounter racked up 212 visits for the entire day, while google showed 1,511 “unique’ visits! Did you know that if someone is reading your blog via Google Reader that visitor is never counted? (Except maybe by Google – is that where those higher numbers come in?)
I think that there is a fashion rule that we can and should apply to blogging – Less Is More (most of the time)."

Hasan of MarketingTheInternet posted "Lessons Copywriters Can Take from Charlie Chaplin" on ::: "Make sure your blog or website’s template is clean, simple and visible. The template of your blog or website should not be complex with too many graphics and pictures. It should easily be able to load on all a web browsers." - to which I commented - "The latest trend appears to be 'less is more' so your article is right on track!" - and it absolutely IS on track. I recommend you study the article!
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  1. For me, the Huffington Post is the worst. After nearly an half hour of ad-blockin­g just to get rid of all the pop-ups, ads, badges (who the hell cares that Alex Gartzia is a level 2 superuser, whatever the hell that means), social network promotions­, suggestion­s, video pics, selected bloggers etc etc etc just to be able to read a damn article hosted on the Huffington Post, I gave up. Having to get through so much fluff and nonsense just to read an article that originates elsewhere takes the cake. It reminds me why I stopped going there in the first place.


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