Saturday, July 30, 2011

Goodbye, LOSERS!

Another batch of "followers" who un-followed me when they realized my twitter account is not set up to auto-follow them in return...
(Actually, even if it was, they would have left anyway - that's what these folks do- they're usually fake twitter accounts set up by money-schemers trying to make extra bucks online by tweeting junk)
And, on the outside chance that I am following any of these peeps, I will soon be UNfollowing them in return!

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albanycitizenone said...

Geesh...I thought I had a lot of "quitters!" You're absolutely right though, many of the followers are "ghosts" trying to bulk up their lists.

I thought I did some really great writing the other day when I got several new twitter follwers immediately following a post. They were all "credit card" pushing followers.

Oh, and I don't let just anyone be my facebook friend either!

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