Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Count Your Blessings, Not Your Problems!

I was in Catskill this morning to make a radio report on the flood damage there... here are a few of the photos I shot with my kyocera cellphone, along with a video. Very sad stuff. A lot of mud, a lot of people who lost everything. Homes, business and lifetimes destroyed. Take a moment and be thankful for what YOU have.

Small AM radio broadcasters, some as late the early 1980s' (WSCM Cobleskill comes to mind) became hyper-local community-oriented stations. The resurgence of one of these AM's came just in time for Catskill...

The big guy in the white t-shirt is Brian Dodge of WCKL, the Catskill AM radio station that returned to the air in May after years of dormancy. Brian has been a one-man gang in covering the disaster from a local angle. (Red Sox fans take note: the station is airing all the games - it's 560 on the dial, and although the wattage isn't all that high, the signal gets out because there's nothing else on it or around it for miles) Dodge is one of the gentlemen Tanya Walsh refers to in the video clip.
[Hover and click on either photo to view a larger version]

Big mess in the office area of the Greene County Highway Garage.

Catskill Mountains Hurricane Irene Support (Facebook)

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Lully said...

Please to pray for these people. they are like us only we still have our personals things

Dave Lucas said...

YES! Thanks for the comment. Remember Tanya and her family and neighbors in your prayers. These people have lost everything dear. I'm sure they never expected anything as devastating as this...

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