Wednesday, August 24, 2011

How To Find Games of Chance Online

Do you love Poker? Like to go to the Racino to play the video slots? Have you tried playing online? Don't be shy!

I regularly take trips up to the Racino in Saratoga to play video slots and down to Atlantic City to play the many "games of chance" --- Say, did you know that you can visit the casino online and play as well?

YES YOU CAN! Here are links to some of the best: Online Casinos for USA Players offers a complete selection of online casino games!

The “Online Poker Watchdog” (an independent body which monitors millions of poker hands played online to track whether the virtual felt is rigged or if the online poker sites live up to their claims of fairness and security) has perfromed tests which would indicate that the poker sites they have tested are indeed fair.

There IS hope for online Poker in the US! According to Senator Harry Reid, new online poker legislation is on the table and “will get done”.

Poker Sites US carries a full listing of the best of the poker sites still offering real money poker games to players in the United States: there are direct links to Poker Rooms along with Bonus Codes.

One of the models being looked at for expanding online Poker in the US is about to be tested right in the Nation's Capitol: Poker news reports that in late 2010, the Washington, D.C. city council approved a budget which would allow for a district operated internet poker site, accessible only to residents inside the city’s borders. Mayor Vincent C. Gray signed the poker bill into law at the beginning of the year, and in April, the period during which Congress could make any objections ended. D.C.’s chief financial officer estimates that online gambling could bring in $13.1 million in review to the district between the 2012 and 2014 fiscal years. The revenue would come from a combination of rake at the tables and taxes on winnings over $600. The program would be managed by Intralot USA, which will receive 50 percent of the earnings.

The initial test run will see 20 to 30 online gambling “hot spots” at various locations around Washington, D.C., such as hotels and bars, by September 1st. If everything works well, online poker may be available in D.C. Households by the end of the year.

Here's another site you'll most certainly want to bookmark: it lists the very Best US Poker Sites so you can find a place to play and get in on the game as easily as possible!

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