Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Around The Blogosphere 28 September 2011

TechCrunch belongs to AOL now, right? No wonder they've released this ridiculous story :::
"We know the iPhone 5 is being debuted soon and reports point to Sprint as the new carrier. But just how popular will the device be off the bat? InMobi, one of the largest independent mobile ad networks, is releasing a study that forecasts the scope and effect of the iPhone 5 announcement in North America.

The recent InMobi consumer smartphone survey uncovers that 41% of current mobile users in the U.S., Mexico, and Canada plan to buy an iPhone 5—potentially making it the most successful launch from the consumer electronics giant to date."
Michelle Malkin sides with Ford Motor Company in taking on the Obama administration...
As I pointed out yesterday, it’s just another one of those Chicago coincidences that the Attack Watch goon squad’s most recent targets just happen to be…auto bailout critics.
India is a fascinating place ::: Since the beginning of this year, Sonia Faleiro has been traveling across India’s small towns and villages, meeting farmers, weavers, teachers, tamasha troupes, small-time politicians, Panchayat members, pickle-makers, housewives, and circus artists to gather reporting for her next book. In the latest entry in her regular feature for NY Times' India Ink blog she offers a glimpse of young mothers whose stories are seldom told.

What if you could sell out your product before you lift a finger to create it?

Delicious (previously owned by Yahoo) has now been completely ported over to the new owners Avos (owned by Chad Hurley and Steve Chen, the creators of YouTube). One of the main features of the new delicious is the ability to stack/group links with description and media and display and share in different ways. *MORE*

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