Sunday, September 18, 2011

Blog Spotlight ::: proXPN

WikiPedia defines a virtual private network (VPN) as "a network that uses primarily public telecommunication infrastructure, such as the Internet, to provide remote offices or traveling users access to a central organizational network.

VPNs typically require remote users of the network to be authenticated, and often secure data with encryption technologies to prevent disclosure of private information to unauthorized parties."

As technology progresses, privacy and security issues continually arise. People get complacent. You may bypass the option to download the latest update for your anti-virus program because you want to hurry up and download something or play a game online.

A VPN helps keep your online (and offline) activities secure. I found a great VPN service on a website called proXPN:

What proXPN does...
  • upgrades your internet connection with VPN encryption
  • secures all types of connections from DSL and cable to 3G
  • gives you 100% private access to the internet
  • get an IP address in the USA, UK, or NL
With proXPN nobody* can...
  • see the websites you visit
  • hijack your passwords, credit cards, or banking details
  • intercept and spy on your email, IMs, calls, or anything else
  • record your web history
  • run traces to find out where you live

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shengy said...

informative post

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thanks for this is very helpful

Anonymous said...

I need one of these!

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