Friday, September 16, 2011

Daniel in the Blog Guru's Den

Such a shame to see the art of blogging dumbed down by nincompoops who believe that "likes" on facebook and the number of tweets and re-tweets is somehow an accurate measure of a blog's popularity. (Forget about content - it's like Entrecard on steroids - hop and drop!)

Chris Brogan asked people via Twitter: “Does following=attention? If someone follows you,do you think they’re paying attention to you?”

Have Gurus reduced Blogging to "B---S--T?"
(1) You've heard the stories about how the guys who founded Microsoft and Apple worked out of their garages on shoestring budgets to build their computers and operating systems.

Fast forward to 2011: American life stops when the internet is interrupted. Banks, gas stations, doctor's offices, businesses, public libraries, atms, all depend on computer and internet intercommunication.

Fantasy fast forward into the future when Arnold-inspired computer robots become self aware.

(2) Blogs started out as simple personal diaries, journals and planners. They morphed into "personal websites" giving everyone his or her 15 minutes of fun and fame.

Fast forward to circa 2005: Every "expert" proclaimed blogging was a fad, it would soon be dead, it would be replaced by (whatever). Blogging survived.

Faster forward to 2011: Self-annointed Blogging Gurus have hijacked the blogosphere and brainwashed bloggers to the point where people like Daniel have allowed the idea of "blogging to make money" consume them.

What for many was once a fun hobby, a diversion, an online diary or journal, has now become a maddening never-ending quest for the latest "opportunity" and any bell and whistle that can be added, as bloggers BATTLE for "points" involving how many tweets they tweet or how many "likes" they get on facebook. Like the girl in Asia who tried to commit suicide because she forgot to upload a post to her blog one day!

The gurus are destroying blogging, turning it into a massive popularity contest that is, well, meaningless. They are social assholes trying to turn others into the same.

PS: DON'T GET WRAPPED UP IN "GUEST BLOGGING BS" ::: OR OTHER NONSENSE ::: if you need MONEY to keep your blog going (and maybe yourself too) there are many many ways to make it on the net. You're as unlikely to win a "pie-in-the-sky blogging contest" as your are to win the Irish Sweepstakes Lottery.

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