Wednesday, September 28, 2011

InterBYTES 28 September 2011

Amazon is out for iBlood...

Once again, Google has removed the popular "Google Reader" from the gmail toolbar. This underscores my core belief that the "cloud computing" concept is a poor one. Allowing another entity to control the basic functions of your computer (in this case, your email client) is a BAD idea. You are at their mercy. Last time Google tried this, everybody bitched. But now that the era of Google+ is here, will everyone "play dead" or act like SHEEPLE? We shall see!

Generational Media Consumption (Infographic) - It’s hard to believe media has almost completely taken over our entire lives. But it’s true... ask Malini Murmu:

Lazy Optimist informs us that Malini Murmu, a student of the Indian Institute Of Management (IIM) Bangalore, committed suicide because her boyfriend “dumped her via a status update on Facebook”.

IIM student commits suicide amid Facebook

Looking for an App Internet success? Look no further than Autodesk, blogs James Staten.

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Electronics News said...

It's so sad to hear this, don't know why they are lie this, very shame thing.....

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