Saturday, September 10, 2011

Blue Sky Scrubs

Scrubs are the formal term for the apparel or uniform worn by nurses, surgeons, and other medical personnel who must "scrub" or otherwise prep for medical procedures. They are designed to be durable, easy to launder, and inexpenisve to replace.

My blogging friend Cindi Li has worked as a medical professional commanding one of the nursing stations at a metropolitan health care facility. She loves her blue sky scrubs, which she purchased online via

And, I myself, prior to embraking on my career as a broadcast journalist, spent several years working full-time as a technician at a major medical center. I still work there part-time. I have a wardrobe of hospital attire (Medical Scrubs, lab coats and Surgical Scrub Hats by blue sky scrubs™)!

I chose blue sky scrub uniforms because they are durable, fashionable and functional! Their line of medical uniforms, available on the net, can be shipped anywhere in the world! (If YOU have been searching for new scrubs, I sincerely recommend blue sky!)

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stevesmith said...

Nice information posted here about Scrubs . Really very much interesting..
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Tara Harkins said...

Definitely love the trend going on of fashionable, more fitted scrubs. Thanks for the rec!

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