Monday, September 19, 2011

twitter takeover

From the "what if" department ::: A recent post on Blazing Minds blog raised the prospect of what might happen should the microblogging platform twitter fall under the control of a different entity.

Facebook and Google were mentioned.

I raised (in not so many words) the shuddering suggestion that yahoo might get involved.

In my opinion, neither Facebook nor Google would be a good thing to happen to twitter!

What are YOUR thoughts on this? What company might be preparing to pounce on twitter?...

Snips below appeared on Blazing Minds:::

Dave Lucas

Hi Karen!

twitter’s future success (if sold) depends on what entity that purchases it—

(1) Google would be the best choice – IF – they left it alone. Google has a reputation for fixing things that aren’t broken

(2) Facebook would almost assuredly screw twitter the way yahoo screwed MyBlogLog – bleeding it dry, leaving it to die (I’d give twitter about a year and half if it falls under FB control.

(3) tumblr would be a perfect match…


Hi Rebecca, I agree with Dave. If Facebook ever gets their hands on Twitter they will just let it go to waste, like they are doing with Friend Feed….
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