Monday, February 13, 2012

MAKE UP YOUR MIND! ::: Are You Keeping A Blog Or Running A Chatroom?

Nothing ticks me off more than those snarky bloggers whose entire readership (and comments) consist of their ten "bff" bloggers. The same tired old crowd may look inviting to a new visitor, who soon finds out he or she is observing a closed-door clique; an elitist system.

The art of blogging has evolved quite a bit since I published my first post in 2001. Recently I corresponded with another blogger about comment systems. Beginning bloggers and new readers are turned off by them. Me, I've used the built-in blogger commenting system since DAY ONE, and believe me, nothing could be easier!

When it comes to "comment luv" - you commenters are always welcome to place your URL within your comments or enter it in the URL box that blogspot provides. I've set my system so you can log in a variety of ways. Blogspot gives me complete control over spammers - I also MODERATE all incoming comments - I never censor - just looking for the trickier amonst the spam crowd!

Of the independent commenting systems, Haloscan WAS the best - I used it in tandem right alongside blogspot. Now you have Intense Debate (which I like but I can't use it on this blog), Disqus (which is better than it was) and Livefyre, which I do NOT like. The only reason I registered with any of them was so I could interact with many of my favourite bloggers, who chose to install these intrusive systems.

Don't read me wrong: nothing compares to a great blogging community, but not when it's the same ten bloggers over and over and over again. Keep in mind that if you think comments=money (if you're trying to earn extra money blogging) YOU ARE DEAD WRONG! I know one blogger who closed her comments (too much spam and other bulls**t) and made more money than when they were open!

Commenters come and go on my blog here - you'll find some excellent ones, some folks who come back to comment every now and then --- even a few borderline spammers (I know what you're trying to do) that I allow their commenst to appear anyway, in efforts to establish a little digital "friendship."

So you made an effort to leave a comment for me? Great! Thank-You! Because you made that effort I think it's only right that other readers click your link and check out your blog: you deserve it!

Are You Keeping a Blog or Running a Chatroom? The greatest blog/chatroom that ever was was run by a ladyblogger circa 2005 - it wasn't ten tired bloggers - it had HUNDREDS commenting, every day, on every post. I used to read with envy and wish that my blog was so attractive!
Since then I've learned that a bunch of comments doesn't make or break a blog. Intelligently written articles do!

I’m not always hoping for comments. I don’t live or die by them. They’re nice to have, I welcome them with open arms. But I could close comments tomorrow and not look back. I prefer reading comments in order, with the oldest comments "first." I don’t see any advantage or disadvantage in reversing the order of (or mixing up) comments! Some argue that putting the newest comments first makes it hard to follow a thread (if there is a thread).

This blog originally began as an extension of my old Capital Region People radio program. By 2006, I renamed it "Dave Lucas' Notes" and now it is simply named after me. I'm here for my fans and to offer news and pop culture with a smattering of opinions tossed in for good measure. Say hello if you have time!

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  1. Excellent tips for the blog beginners, great sharing....

  2. This post made me smile because I just got my first comment after my 102nd post. I know that having comments is not really a must in a blog. However, it is also good to have a little interaction in the comments section so as not to feel alone. Cheers!

  3. I agree, why do bloggers always deem it necessary to not allow url links. I understand the need to prevent spam but link posting is a form of appreciation for their comment. Good article and well said.

  4. @Ryan, but there would always be spammers, we really cannot stop them unless we do something about it, well, one way is to use the nofollow rel tag, it is very helpful for me personally, as i do run a regular blog as well.


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