Monday, October 17, 2011

How To Fight Plagiarists, Content Thieves, Scraper Blogs and Copyright Infringers

Plagiarization is the sincerest form of flattery, so long as you don't get caught. Ask Kaavya.

To copy or not to copy? Depends on how you do it and what you do after you've done it! Lady Gaga began as a copycat clone of Madonna (and continues to endure criticisim about it).

TIP ::: Everyone deserves credit! Michelle Malkin caught Lara Logan of CBS helping herself to al-Qaeda video without crediting the terrorist organization.

Plagiarism hurts - you feel it in your heart when you discover that someone else has taken your words or images and claims them for his/her own! Take a look at Plagiarized work of my wedding Ems Doll.

Emila Yusof is a professional illustrator who has been the victim of several copyright infringements. No doubt she is frustrated, as you can tell from her blog posts.

TIP ::: Using Images: do not use copyrighted images without the permission of the author. Thumbnails, however, like what you see here, are considered “fair use” under Copyright Law.

Take a look at Emila's works. Like Disney, Yusof illustrations have a very particular style and set, unique to them. Once you have seen a few of them, you'll recognize another immediately. Just above are the two main types of "Emila signature" character drawings. Even though the artist has been careful to place her watermark across pictures that appear on her blog, she can't do that when creating content for her paying customers. If you see an image that looks like one of Emila's let her know.

Emila is not alone in being copied. Disney knockoffs are a dime a dozen in Southeast Asia. Harry Potter has been widely copied across China.

This is not to suggest an idea cannot be re-worked or a piece of art or media creation cannot be re-imagined. This is about outright copying, without attribution, in a deliberate attempt to fool people...

Take a look at how one famous plagiarist took her "scandalous lemons" and made lemonade!

Particularly interesting (and pertinent to the discussion here) is how Nicki Minaj hijacked the “Barbie” franchise without stepping on any copyright toes: This could be a great lesson for bloggers… Minaj-icize your blogs!Click on the image to see what Nicki Minaj looked like BEFORE her "transformation."

How do YOU deal with theft of content?

TELL ME IN THE COMMENTS BELOW and if enough of you do that, I'' tell you my very special way of tackling the problem... FREE, with nothing to download or subscribe to!

TIP ::: BE VERY CAREFUL when commenters leave whole articles or lyrics to poular songs on your blog! while the people commenting on your blog will retain the ownership of the content you might still be liable if they commit intellectual property violations.

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