Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Make Money Blogging + Blog Advertising Auction!


I will offer ONE 125x125 spot: your choice, either directly under OR above the entrecard ad. (That's prime territory - in the upper right corner of the sidebar, right at the top of the webpage!) It will go to the HIGHEST BIDDER for SIX FULL MONTHS! How do you like that?

Bidding starts at $25 and payment must be made via paypal (I am open to other arrangements)... I will accept bids through November 1st. Winning bidder also gets my blog consulting service FREE for 30 days!

Here are a few stats for this blog:
Average Visit Length .......... 1:09  (SiteMeter)
Pageviews Oct 2 ::: 1,044
Pageviews Oct 1 * ::: 957 - average 1,000 per day!
* Oct 1 was a Saturday, typically a "low traffic" day for this blog!
Pageviews last month ::: 30,765 (September 2011)
~Google Analytics

BONUS!I have another SPECIAL OFFER for you! LinkVehicle has introduced an exciting new referrers program! Your dashboard will now include a Referrer Link. For any users who sign up for a new LinkVehicle account using this link, you will receive a 5% share on all links they publish or 10% share on all links they buy! You can start making money by sharing the service NOW!

Before I give thanks to those who dropped their little hearts out last month... know that I have pushed two 125x125 advert spaces (cmf ads and kmna) way way down the sidebar.

Top Entrecard Droppers September 2011!

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ElectronicsNews said...

Great info, came to know new ideas, cleared my doubts, excellent sharing...

Johnsie said...

I am so glad ur on entrecard! Thanks for all the wonderful advice and for adverts you placed on my blog

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