Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Around The Blogosphere 30 November 2011

Dave is busy writing something else right now, so, with November closing out, let's take a look at some awesome bloggers and articles!

James Altucher is a blogger bearing good advice: "If someone is a drag on me, I cut them out. If someone lifts me up, I bring them closer. Nobody is sacred here. When the plane is going down, put the oxygen mask on your face first. Family, friends, people I love – I always try to be there for them and help. But I don’t get close to anyone bringing me down. This rule can’t be broken. Energy leaks out of you if someone is draining you. And I never owe anyone an explanation. Explaining is draining."

Alana Klapp aka The Chipper Writer offers some words of comfort for writers/bloggers: " By far one of the easiest ways to get those creative juices flowing is to just start writing. Anything. It doesn't matter what it's about. Just grab a piece of paper and start writing whatever comes to your mind—don't over think, don't edit and most importantly don't stop. Just write. Sure, your finished project will probably be filled with a bunch of unusable junk, but you might just end up with a gem—or at least a few note worthy lines."

Social Media ::: The use of citizen media to connect people and to tell stories about this disease that affects millions of families around the world has been the foundation of the Rising Voices initiative “Blogging Positively.” Formed in 2008 by activists working in this field, the community helped create a guide that provides tips and tutorials for global activists on ways to best utilize citizen media in their work.The guide is now available in five languages, with Arabic on the way.

AIDS: My Fabulous Disease: A blog in four movements from Mark S. King::: (Windy City Times)- Nov 30, 2011 -"I call my blog My Fabulous Disease because I refused to be defined by a disease. Now I am defining the disease. I refused to be defined by illness or suffering,"

Based on a spark from the Blogging Positively community, Rising Voices would like to invite global users to tweet about how World AIDS Day is being commemorated in your community. Please use the hashtag #BlogPos, as well as #WAD11 to help them locate the tweets. A selection of tweets from around the world will be featured on Rising Voices in the days following World AIDS Day. You can tweet in any language. Please remember to include the country from where you are tweeting to help RV provide a global snapshot.

Markos wonders whether the Ethiopian blogosphere is the smallest in the world: “A few months ago Joern and I made a little research and we found out that Ethiopia had less than 20 bloggers in the country. This is rather shocking stats compared to 160,000 (July 2008) Bloggers in Egypt. On contrary, Ethiopian love to socialize using social media like Facebook. 90.07% of internet users use Facebook in daily basis.”

Video ::: Saugerties NY resident Ralph Childers speaks against the privatization of Golden Hill, and has his words echoed by members of the crowd, in a "human microphone" technique used by Occupy Wall Street protesters.

The return of INTELLIGENT BACON ::: Introspection, analysis, opinion... all coming your way in the newly re-purposed "Intelligent Bacon" blog. We'll see how if it goes.

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#Wordless Wednesday ::: Click on the photo!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

The Social Tsar

Sorry, but Tsar Zuckerberg’s law of sharing is FLAWED.

By sharing more and more, the individual is diminishing himself/herself --- sucked into the "internet whole" thus becoming less and less and less important as one unique person with one unique voice.

Decisions are already being made. As they were in the past. Will the 99% also lose control of the free Internet as we now know it?

We cannot underestimate the sheer social power of the Net: that's what Zuckerberg/FACEBOOK is attempting to gain complete control of: Sheryl Sandberg, chief operating officer of Facebook, says she expects a deepening impact of social media on everything from private lives to presidential politics. WHOA NELLY!

On facebook, Huma Ahmad writes "rampant consumerism and manufacturing 'wants' to be our needs kills our souls, preach on sista'!!! ppl don't want 'the finer things' in life, they want x-boxes and they will pepper spray everyone else in the face at a walmart in LA to get it." What a lot of people fail to realize, is that facebook wants to be your number one want, while fbook itself wants COMPLETE CLOUD CONTROL over your internet relations with others.

Homa Arkani sees the light - check out her idealised images of beautiful women, extensively produced and proliferated via international media, are in accordance with the psychic tendencies of this generation. These doll-like girls yearn to have a Western lifestyle: luxurious, high-tech, liberating, joyful, colourful and beautiful. Such a wish, however, can never be carried out, since, on the one hand, it is not possible for them to ignore or escape from their traditional background; and on the other hand they are the consumers of a distorted image of the West, i.e., such a world does not factually exist.

On her facebook page, my super-smart friend Sharmin shared an epiphany - I think it may have its roots in her involvement as a student-activist and her recent embrace of the principles of the Occupy movement:But it is so much more than just "spiritual depression" - it is people coming face to face with a future they did not bargain for - a future that was written in the past.


This, my friends, is that sneaky "cloud computing" ("ONE VOICE") crap - the idea is - to get all of your stuff "on the cloud" so that your little personal computer or laptop is a sterile entity unless it is connected to the internet. Think of it like digital communism.

This is totally WRONG! Would you really really really want to be an automoton? On par with a dog?

THE LAST SHOULD BE THE FIRST ::: As if to cement her argument, Sandberg writes about "The corollary of caring" - which should be at the BEGINNING of the article - because it is truth . Indeed, online sharing IS leading directly to offline engagement and activism. But that would be done even if facebook and the "cloud" didn't exist. Online Sharing started years ago with community bulletin boards (BBS) and grew to include elements such as the micro-loan concept. Is the social network longing to be the General Motors of the Internet? Can't help but wonder.

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Six Ways To Make Money Online!

Nothing is more insulting to bloggers looking for help and tips to search for or click on a link that reads "6 Ways To Make Money Online" then turns out to be a video with NO transcript! BLOGGER! For the sake of those with limited bandwidth, on community networks or those on dial-up: If you really want to share your knowledge and make friends online, please post a transcript! Thank-You!

There are just simply way too darn many blogs that do nothing but give "blogging advice" which usually comes with a catch: some product or service to buy or subscribe to.

The cyberfields are choking with these digital "weeds" - everybody thinks he or she is an expert. We're reaching saturation point: the Eskimos are trying to sell one other ice cubes!

And shun those crappy blogs filled with promises that can only be fulfilled if you "like" them or "follow" them. LOSERS!

Even the "big boys" (and girls) of blogging sometimes seem more interested in their own websites than they are in helping others.

Just my 2 centsworth! (and more to follow in the coming days!)

The First Sunday of Advent

ADVENT begins today, the First Sunday in Advent... for me, the time of year from about October 1 through the New Year is totally magical, for many reasons. The facts that I was born during October, that we give thanks in November...

DECEMBER 2011 Holy Days

* 5
o Ashura * ** - Islam
* 6
o Saint Nicholas Day - Christian
* 8
o Bodhi Day (Rohatsu) ** - Buddhism
o Immaculate Conception - Catholic Christian
* 12
o Feast day - Our Lady of Guadalupe - Catholic Christian
* 16
o Posadas Navidenas through Dec. 25 - Christian
* 21-28
o Hanukkah * - Jewish
* 22 solstice
o Yule - Christian
o Yule * - Wicca/Pagan northern hemisphere
o Litha * - Wicca/Pagan southern hemisphere
* 24
o Christmas Eve - Christian
* 25
o Christmas * - Christian
o Feast of the Nativity - Orthodox Christian
* 26
o Zarathosht Diso (Death of Prophet Zarathushtra) ** - Zoroastrian
o Saint Stephen, Deacon and Martyr - Christian
* 28
o Holy Innocents - Christian
* 30
o Feast of the Holy Family - Catholic Christian
* 31
o Watch Night - Christian

Friday, November 25, 2011

I'm (not) Dreamin' of a Tight Christmas ~ An Original Holiday Poem by Dave Lucas

Bills! Bills! Bills!
The economy is givin' me chills!
The price of food and gas is soaring,
something I can't go ignoring...

I have so many gifts to buy for the Holiday Season!
I don't have cash and need to know the reason!
What to do?
What to do?

When money is tight,
And life don't feel right,
Don't go it alone...
Get a payday loan!

What Are Backlinks?

Backlinks display other webpages that link to your posts. Backlinks are very useful and important for your SEO strategy. They're sometimes known as incoming links, inbound links, or even IBLs. What is link building?


Inbound links were originally important (prior to the emergence of search engines) as a primary means of web navigation; today, their significance lies in search engine optimization (SEO). The number of backlinks is one indication of the popularity or importance of that website or page (for example, this is used by Google to determine the PageRank of a webpage). Outside of SEO, the backlinks of a webpage may be of significant personal, cultural or semantic interest: they indicate who is paying attention to that page. ~ WikiPedia
CONTRARY TO WHAT THE "BLOGGING GURUS" ARE TELLING YOU ::: Do NOT waste your good quality content on Twitter, Facebook, Squidoo or other Social Media Sites … the chances of you generating good quality backlinks from either Twitter or Facebook is virtually zero!
HERE IS AN EXCELLENT TUTORIAL that explains precisely what backlinks are, what the relationship between backlinks and Google PageRank is, and how it together with optimization affects the outcome position of a website on search engine results page (serp).

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Black Friday Special ::: Professional Blog Critique $2!

Thanks to everyone who has ordered! ♡♡♡ Still taking orders! You have until MIDNIGHT!

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Winster! (Guest Post by Saki Tumi)

Hi everybody!

Happy Holiday Time!

I just arrived in Hong Kong and I will be guest-posting for Dave during the months of December and January! Watch for my timely articles! But right now I want to tell you about something really cool!

My friend Winnie and I got really sick and tired of all those that Dave calls guru-run blogging websites that try to pit bloggers against each other by dangling prizes before their keyboards!

So Winnie came up with an amazing website where bloggers (and all netizens) can WORK TOGETHER instead of trying to beat the other guy up! This is really great and I hope you'll give it a try!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday ::: It is always good to look at things from a different perspective...

Sunday, November 20, 2011

#Occupy_Albany - trying to distance itself from the media circus of who gets arrested every night?

"Some in the group are feeling that a focus on the nightly arrests is taking attention away from the group's main goals..." and the Times Union also says many in Albany's tent city are now vowing NOT to get arrested!
UPDATE! That rake-in is apparently going to take place at night. (see box at end of post)
Sunday Times Union columnist Fred LeBrun points out that "Occupy albany is still here" - he also mentions hyrdrofracking. Indeed: anti-hydrofrackers make up a very unique component of the Albany Occupants, who no doubt support LeBrun's speculations that the local Occupy will keep their tent city going no matter what happens to the nationwide Canadian-inspired movement.

The very first time I visited Occupy_Albany I encountered anti-hydrofrackers. They've been there on each and every of my subsequent visits to the tent city. But until now, the story HAS NOT BEEN about hydrofracking (or verizon, for that matter) - but it looks like all that is changing --- which could end up taking the local movement in the direction described in another Times Union column by Casey Seiler: "Time for Occupy to go INDOORS."

The History of "Occupy" - hover and click on the graphic to the right!

Hmmmm... Seiler muses that down through history "occupations never work." It is logical to assume the leadership of the leaderless movement needs to find winter quarters. Perhaps an activist-attorney will donate a flat along Elk Street, so the Occupants will have a bse from which to launch protests at the State Capitol against Governor Andrew Cuomo during the long, cold Albany winter.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

I'm selling 125x125 adspace on my blog!

Now, this is a great deal!

If you are already using or familiar with entrecard or cmfads or adgitize, you can place your order now to have your 125x125 ad appear right here on my blog! Your ad will be placed ABOVE THE FOLD for all to see!

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Blog On!

Bai-Ling is A Beautiful Butterfly ~ An Original Poem By Dave Lucas

The investigation revealed a broken wing
blinded by some kind of trauma
as vailla rain fell from a steel blue sky

With Ninja precision there was told a story
that couldn't exactly refract truth
when no one was watching it slipped away

And then were eyes shining in the dark
surrounded by walls of cascading sounds
and movements beyond places so far

With her wing mended she took to the air
up and away and whimsically aflair
laughing at they who said she would never again soar

From the darkest of days to the brightest of nights
Bai-Ling is a butterfly in a flashing paradise

Where Will YOU be Monday November 28th at 8pm?

Here's where I plan to be... with GQ's "Rookie of the year"

Thursday, November 17, 2011

New"About Me"/Contact Page

Doing a little "blog housekeeping" in line with a project I'll fill you in on later.

First component of the cleaning: a new "about me" page which doubles as a "contact" page so that you can email me if you wish. How to find it?

Just go up to the blog masthead and it's right there, under my name. I know it's a little small, but it's the best I could do.

If you wanna help me test it out, do to the page, locate the email button and kindly send me an email!

eBook Review 000 ::: CALL TO AUTHORS (and disgruntled buyers)

Have YOU written an eBook? Looking for a little more exposure? Want help selling your eBook? You've come to the right blog!

I'm starting a new series of posts simply entitled "eBook Review" - at least once a week I will give you a comprehensive review of an eBook --- and tell you whether I think it's worth the money to make a purchase!

eBook authors - you are invited to submit your eBooks - simply send 'em to me as an email attachment or give me a locked link where I can download your work.

WARNING! I will be perfectly honest in my reviews - you are welcome to send me testimonials from satisfied customers if you wise, which I will inlcude in my review!

Are you pissed off because you spent money on an eBook and were very disappointed? Send me the eBook via eMail as an attachment! Do it NOW, TODAY, while it's fresh in your mind I will review it and interview you (you can remain e-nonymous if you wish) and we'll get the word out there together!

All reviews conducted on a first-come first-served basis.

Wanted: Partner in Crime...

I always love Yarah Bravo videos, and this one is no exception! A Keeper!

How To Monetize Your Blog

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MONETIZE your blog!

There's a lot that's been written about monetizing blogs - I continually warn people against supporting the self-proclaimed "Blogging Gurus" - I understand some bloggers enjoy making money online and telling the whole wide world about it, via publishing articles detailing their blog earnings, etc. {eXample]

Not that there's anything at all wrong with that!

Different approaches ::: I found it interesting to compare/contrast the abovementioned blogs against Justin's blog. Check them out, compare, and draw your own conclusions.

Do YOU have a link for a blog that posts monthly income reports? If so, please leave it in my comments section! THANK-YOU!

Have a look at some of my stats!

Remember: it's not unusual to find a PR2 blogger making more than $900 a month while a PR4 Blogger may be making around $25. There are so many different factors that come into play!

Bookmark this post and study the links I have provided to those money-making blogs - visit them often - try to figure out why they are doing so well! Remember, "Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!"

Below have a look at my sitemeter stats (figures received on November 2, 2011):::

Be advised that there are DANGERS!

The following is an excerpt from a Famous Bloggers article by Andy Williams:

"In his excellent article entitled “Google Kicked Me So Hard I Cried A Little Bit“, Dave B. Ledoux graphically describes what it was like to wake up one morning only to find that he’d wasted three years of his life. Virtually overnight, Google had kicked out 570 of his sites, and took with them, a substantial part of his income."

Don't put all your blogging eggs in one basket! Diversify!

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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Porn , Privacy Issues Will Kill Facebook

“Whoever visits Facebook or uses a plug-in must expect that he or she will be tracked by the company for two years,” ~ Thilo Weichert, data protection commissioner (Germany)

Say, whatever happened to that group that was supposed to take down facebook on Guy Fawkes Day?

You don't remember the name of the group?

Neither do I.

Oh! Here it is!

Could it be that they have made a late delivery on their vow, and in a different form?

More disturbing ::: Did you know that if you are logged-on to your Facebook account and surfing the Web, your session cookie is silently recording every mouse and keyboard stroke!

The session cookie additionally records your name, e-mail address, friends and all data associated with your profile to Facebook. If you are logged-off, or if you are a non-member, the browser cookie conducts the logging; it additionally reports a unique alphanumeric identifier! More »

Want a "" email addy? Here ya go!

Facebook killed MySpace; porn may end up killing facebook.

Hello, Google +!

Sunset ~ An Original Poem by Dave Lucas

Lowering its head
its majesty the Sun
yielded the rivers and forests
the gardens and parking lots
to winter's warriors

In brave retreat
summer handed autumn a golden key
whispering in her ear
"our time will again come"
as she slipped the key deep into her white pocket

The Colour and warmth
came thru my glass window
bathing me in a red sunset light
as a reminder
that I am growing older, another year

Should we meet again in the promise of spring
I will remember you
as I cross the next islands in my life's path
with my passengers, hope and dreams
accompanying me, win or fail.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Breaths of Dream Air ~ An original poem by Dave Lucas

I was out walking in the early evening
When a tree appeared in the distance
Before the sky orange crimson aflair

Three young dragons in the branches
I thought of all the times we dreamed
Through the years all of our time

Mystical moments of magical desire
Never to be tasted on earth
Not even after in dust we lie

I savor the memory of precious anticipations
in which we really did fly

Monday, November 14, 2011


Quite a quandry the Governor of New York has found himself in... at least, that's what some would want you to believe. Technically, he has an out, a way to break free of Occu-pus.

The Occupy events that have unfurled across America over the weekend are disheartening, for many reasons. Most troubling is the crime that has broken out in some of the tent cities. And the disease in others.

I've been following the Occupy Albany movement since its inception. The core philosophy at the movement's heart is First Amendment rights. These are indeed sacred. We should also consider the comfort, needs and safety of the Occupy protestors. And we need to consider the position Governor Andrew Cuomo has found himself in. I don't believe he deliberately painted himself into a corner. A man of such character no doubt identifies with the rights of the people.

We are seeing many of the conditions and the spirit at the tent cities across the nation worsening. While free speech is an essential right, I wonder if both sides cannot atleast try to reach a compromise, an understanding. The 99% situation has been a long time coming: it began with the devaluation of our currency after 1965. The fix may not come easy: it may take a realignment of the way government is conducted. The leaders of today inherited the current state of affairs. To change it will take courage, and time.

I am hoping that Occupy will come to a peaceful conclusion in Albany, even if it means taking down the tents during winter, and re-establishing the Occupy compound in the spring. And how about more dialog between Occupiers and politicians? Leaders, why not stop by the camp and meet with the 99-ers? And dear Occupiers, perhaps had you been thankful that the city government and the D-A were on your side, perhaps you could have persuaded the Governor to allow assembly in Lafayette Park - you know the old saying: you can lure more flies with honey, than with vinegar - or something like that.

A CBS6 news poll tonight saw about 70% of the viewers think protesters should be prosecuted for staying in Lafayette Park past curfew. That tells me that the negative publicity that is being generated out of some of the other Occupied cities is giving some folks cause for alarm. Let's hope Albany is better than that! After all, there really is lots to do, to make things right.

PS: I just noticed this is my 5,011th post. That's a heck of a lot of material! I really typed all that?



The picture below could make you yearn for forbidden fruits... meats...

Anyway - go to Wendy's blog and check out her beautiful new template and nuffnang ads post!

#MusicMonday #Nostalgia

(from the blog that brought you the ORIGINAL "Music Monday" back in 2002!)

Did you grow up in the 1990's?
If you lived anywhere in the world, (except in North America) you remember this!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Around The Blogosphere 13 November 2011

Happy Sunday!

Here is your "must-read" for today!
It's an article by Melissa de Villiers about my friend, Binyavanga Wainaina, which appears in the Sunday edition of Times Live!

If you've ever wondered what it might be like to grow up gifted in Africa, Bin's new book is the next-best thing to having been there!

Here's a snippet of Melissa's piece:

"From boarding school exam fever to black-mamba bicycle bells, from suburban hair salons to Nairobi sidewalks full of "sweet talk and hustle", his book depicts ordinary lives playing out in quotidian environments that nonetheless brim with ideas, innovation and idiosyncratic dreams.

The book took Wainaina seven years to write. "I was trying to do something new and adventurous with the language I was using," he tells me down a crackly telephone line from London. "I wanted to create a vehicle that captured the imagination of childhood. And it took me a long time before I understood that playing around with the language was actually at the heart of what the book was about.""

Now, read the complete article.

Zambia: Using Social Media to Mobilize Mobile Phone Service Boycott

Read this post.

The world certainly is changing fast!

We call them Cell Phones, tech-savvy call them "smartphones" - users everywhere else on the planet call them MOBILE phones! They use them as personal as well as business communication devices. They even BANK via phone!

Whether or not the campaign by mobile phone subscribers in Zambia to boycott Airtel services on Wednesday, November 9 succeeded, a new era of expressing dissatisfaction with poor service delivery has arrived.

#Occupy: 24 Arrested in Downtown Albany
Sun Nov 13 10:09:17 EST 2011
State Police moved into Lafayette Park across from the State Capitol to enforce an 11pm curfew near the Occupy Albany site.

Occupy Protester Arrested in Lafayette Park
Sat Nov 12 22:15:10 EST 2011
The Gauntlet Is Thrown Down - Around 2pm Saturday, Bradley Russell made his "occupation" of state-controlled Lafayette Park official. About an hour later, he was arrested.

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Saturday, November 12, 2011

#OccupyAlbany ::: Different Strokes For Different Shifts?

Occupy Albany stands behind protester who will risk arrest - Times ...
11 hours ago – Earlier this week, Bradley Russell announced he would move his belongings ... conduct' and says that threats of arrest leveled at anyone in Lafayette Park ... Back to Article. Occupy Albany stands behind protester who will risk arrest... his tent to the state-controlled Lafayette Park on Saturday and risk arrest. ...
I was looking forward to reading an Albany Times-Union story entitled "Occupy Albany backs protester who says he'll risk arrest Saturday" --- trouble is, there's nothing there. Not even in "print" mode (see two images way down below)

Reasons I was interested:

(A) I was there at Occupy on thursday morning and NOBODY (and I mean NOBODY) would officially go on microphone to comment about or showed any support for "the protestor" - closest thing to support he got was a vague comment about people's rights to make their own choices. Everyone I approached on this topic backed away.

The Business of Occupy Albany

WAMC - 1 day ago
ALBANY, NY (WAMC) - In addition to making provisions for camping out in cold weather, theAlbany Occupy movement is adding a few business techniques to ...
Perhaps the OA's "General Assembly" met later in the day Thursday and decided to make an "official" policy or statement about supporting the protestor? I wish the newspaper story would "appear" online where it is supposed to be!

(B) In a previous story I crafted about Occupy a few weeks back, the very same angle I covered, appeared much later in the day on TeeVee news with a different cast of what I might call "Occupy characters" (some from places like Ballston Spa) whose opinions and outspokenness were in marked contrast with the folks featured on the report I filed for radio.

MY BEST GUESS ::: the "day shift" at Occupy is vastly different from the "evening shift." Anyone who has worked at a hospital or other 24-hour facility can testify to the change in attitudes between different shifts. The 7-3 shift is all business, while the 3-11 is more laid back, and between 11 and 7 "those night people don't do nothin'" --- so I am wondering if the newspaper reporter spoke with Occupiers from Guilderland and Clifton park who were either there in the evening or during their day off from the regular job, on Friday-Veteran's Day.
Here's the "official" word from Albany's Occupy -

A Statement from Occupy Albany Regarding

The Planned 11/12 Action in Lafayette Park

At 1:00 PM on Saturday, November 12, Dr. Bradley Russell -- a member of the Occupy Albany community -- intends to begin constructing what he's calling a "freedom fort" and moving his tent from the City of Albany-owned Academy Park to the adjacent area to the west, Lafayette Park, which is owned by the State of New York. While this is an individual action on Dr. Russell’s part, Occupy Albany supports his right and the rights of any others who might decide to set up their tents on this parcel of state-owned property.

Russell contends that his move comprises constitutionally protected “expressive conduct” and says that threats of arrest leveled at anyone in Lafayette Park after 11 P.M. constitute an illegal impediment to the lawful exercise of the rights of free speech and free assembly.

The curfew cited by New York State authorities is not publicly posted in or around Lafayette Park. It has also been reported (by Jimmy Vielkind, Times Union) that the curfew appears nowhere in written laws or regulations. Representatives of the state have described the curfew as a tradition passed on verbally over time, but no evidence of it can be found prior to just a few weeks ago. While any such curfew might be subject to legal challenges, the fact that its very existence remains unproven raises the alarming possibility that the state police could be tasked with enforcing a gubernatorial fiat, not a law or regulation derived through proper and recognized process. Occupy Albany would consider such action an abuse of power and a breach of faith with the people of New York.

As a leaderless community governed by general consensus, Occupy Albany participants are free to join Dr. Russell in his action or remain in Academy Park. The choice of any number of people to follow either course should not be construed as a divide in our unity. Those of us taking part here have always had a diversity of concerns and responses, but we stand together on the basic principles set forth by the original Wall Street Occupiers -- most notably, in our outrage over the disproportionate governmental influence wielded by the 1% and the special considerations received by the richest individuals and largest corporations at the expense of our votes, our voices, our democracy, our well-being, and our futures. Whether in Academy Park or Lafayette Park, we stand with and for the 99% and we will not leave until significant change takes place.
You can try the TU link yourself - maybe they'll fix whatever happened before the day is out.

Gourmet Banana Muffins on a tight Budget

The muffin mix has just been poured into the tin... they're about to enter the oven...

Davey's Muffin Extender

Jiffy Company used to make a wonderful (and cheap) banana muffin mix. Why they stopped I'll never know (or maybe the local supermarkets yanked it because it outsells the more expensive stuff that they make more profit on)?

Lately, the expensive banana muffin mix has been disappearing from the shelves. I asked a grocery clerk if they might "have any of the Betty Crocker muffin pouches in the back" he instead directed me toward a $2.79 box of Pillsbury Banana Bread (which has a muffin recipe on the box). I didn't like that one bit. Remembering necessity is the mother of invention, I contrived a wonderful banana muffin recipe all my own.

It starts with the ultra-cheap "clear value" or "house" brand of muffin mix - it'll set you back anywhere from 49 to 69 cents. You see Strawberry-Banana yogurt all the time in the dairy case, right? So why not Strawberry/Banana muffins?

El Cheapo brand normally yields "5 delicious muffins" so why are their 6 cups in my baking pan?

We can fix that. Here's how. Set the oven for 430 degrees F (or 5 degrees hotter thanw hat the package recommends). "Grease" your muffin tin with a quality margaine, like Imperial brand. Butter is better! Get out your medium mixing bowl.

  • Get a medium-to-large RIPE banana (one freckled with brown speckles) and mash it up good.
TIP ::: If you boil several black plantains (like I often do) and you find one that is exceptionally sweet, mash it up, put it in a container and store it in the fridge. You'll substitute that for the banana. You'll freak out when you taste the finished muffins!
  • Add one egg.
  • Add 1/2 cup 2% Milk.
  • Add 2 drops of real Vanilla extract.
  • Rip open the bag and pour in the muffin mix. Stir, stir stir!
  • Pour the mixture into the tin. Place it in the oven.
  • Cooking time on the bag is your guideline: check the oven when "bag time" elapses. Your muffins should be a light-yellow just starting to brown.

Leave them in the oven until you see the imitation strawberry bits oozing like jelly. The muffins will be a deep golden-brown. They're ready!

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Friday, November 11, 2011

Now Until December 25th - Click on the Present

If you look over at the right-hand sidebar you'll notice (near the top of the page) an image of a wrapped holiday gift.

If you CLICK on it, there's a surprise.

But WAIT! There's more!

I'll be changing the link every now and then - sometimes twice a day!

It's a WILDCARD as to what you might find when you hover and click on the gift box!

Hope you find something really great!

Blog Post Promotion FREE

Are YOU ready to become a "FAMOUS BLOGGER"???

There is NO "Magic Bullet"... but... where there's a will, there's a way... here is a gift from me to you... a way, when it seems like there is no way...

The following advice costs YOU nothing. Zero. Take your $27 and spend it on yourself or your family. You deserve it!

I can't tell you how many times I've crafted a spectacularly-written blog article, complete with original information, images and documentation. Uploaded it to the blog at what I perceived to be "just the right moment." ---

Only to have it virtually ignored by everyone, while a throwaway post I wrote 6 years ago about "The hIstory of Rice" brings 5 to 10 visitors to my blog every single day.

You need an effective idea to promotion strategy for your post. Here is a simple checklist to get you off in the right direction!

(before we begin, pay no more attention to anything you've been told about KEYWORDS. Google is actively working to downgrade their importance right down to ZERO - and don't be intimidated by any of the Gurus of Blogging. Write great articles that stand alone and people will eventually find them and your blog and you'll get the credit you are due!)

(_) TITLE Seasoned bloggers know that a proper title can make or break a post. If Joe Paterno slipped on a banana peel, and you have written about that with your own clever take and style, the title of your post should be "Joe Paterno Stepped On A Banana Peel." BUT that's not the catchy little title YOU thought of!

Publish your post with the title "Joe Paterno Stepped On A Banana Peel" and then check to verify it has turned up on your Google Reader and/or RSS and (if you have one) post-to-twitter feeds.

(_) STRIVE FOR CLOSURE Unless you provide a batch of hard-to-find jumper links to pages readers would otherwise never see or be able to Google in a hundred years, make YOUR POST THE LAST STOP in the chain of search for information. You should publish enough content to staisfy the reader's "need to know." If you do, you have a good chance that reader will recommend and/or link back to your article! If they do that, go back and say THANK-YOU! (I even do that when people "steal" my content!) Remember, the more you connect with people and share their content the more they will reciprocate.

(_) SPREAD THE WORD It's there? Great! NOW change that title back to the sweet original YOU created! Then, get going and spread it on facebook, tumblr, StumbleUpon and other Social Media.

SHARE IT first on Google+. Then twiter and LinkedIn. Plug it on facebook about 4 to 7 hours later! Be sure to tweet it again exactly (if possible) 12 hours after the first tweet!

DM close friends across social media networks and ask if they’ll help spread the word.

No friends? Awwww! Sucks for you! Start small and build your own little interactive network, one reader at a time. (NOTICE: I am NOT saying "be a member of a clique" - run when you come across a blog whose Top 10 Commenters and "special award winners' etc. are the same sad soprry 5 or 10 bloggers. Seek out VARIETY)

There are several FREE Press Release services on the net (Google 'em) - if your article is really unique or special or could stand alone as a magazine article, go ahead and PROMOTE it!

Visit CommentLuv enabled blogs and leave your comment (and catchy original title)
BEFORE YOU HIT THE "PUBLISH" BUTTON ::: Are you releasing your post at the right moment? If it is on a Friday afternoon/evening, Saturday, Sunday or holiday, make certain people are already buzzing about your topic. Check trends, twitter and facebook. Otherwise, schedule your post for Monday, Tuesday or Thursday morning, and make sure you have time to follow through with my SPREAD THE WORD technique. At least an hour or more.
If you are emphasizing, recommending, selling or giving something away within your post, be sure the offer is contained in a blockquote or textbox about mid-way up in the body of your post, or next to a critical "must-read" paragraph.

VIDEO POSTS? I disagree with the Blogging Gurus. Many A-List bloggers have never, and will never post video.

Don't waste too much time pouring over ANALYTICS.

(_) MAKE A MEDIA KIT - think you're ready to go pro? Don't do this unless you really have something special to offer! I've seen bloggers fall down the cliffs creating idiotic meaningless 'media kits" that get them blacklisted and deleted from RSS readers! I'm going to turn to another blogger to fill you in on the details of the world of media kits. Before I do, I want you to know that as of this date, I haven't yet made one for my blog. That is not to say I never will. Here's the link.

The 15 Commandments of Blogging

Guest Blogging (what you should know)

Blog Contests Missing The Mark

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