Friday, November 11, 2011

Blog Post Promotion FREE

Are YOU ready to become a "FAMOUS BLOGGER"???

There is NO "Magic Bullet"... but... where there's a will, there's a way... here is a gift from me to you... a way, when it seems like there is no way...

The following advice costs YOU nothing. Zero. Take your $27 and spend it on yourself or your family. You deserve it!

I can't tell you how many times I've crafted a spectacularly-written blog article, complete with original information, images and documentation. Uploaded it to the blog at what I perceived to be "just the right moment." ---

Only to have it virtually ignored by everyone, while a throwaway post I wrote 6 years ago about "The hIstory of Rice" brings 5 to 10 visitors to my blog every single day.

You need an effective idea to promotion strategy for your post. Here is a simple checklist to get you off in the right direction!

(before we begin, pay no more attention to anything you've been told about KEYWORDS. Google is actively working to downgrade their importance right down to ZERO - and don't be intimidated by any of the Gurus of Blogging. Write great articles that stand alone and people will eventually find them and your blog and you'll get the credit you are due!)

(_) TITLE Seasoned bloggers know that a proper title can make or break a post. If Joe Paterno slipped on a banana peel, and you have written about that with your own clever take and style, the title of your post should be "Joe Paterno Stepped On A Banana Peel." BUT that's not the catchy little title YOU thought of!

Publish your post with the title "Joe Paterno Stepped On A Banana Peel" and then check to verify it has turned up on your Google Reader and/or RSS and (if you have one) post-to-twitter feeds.

(_) STRIVE FOR CLOSURE Unless you provide a batch of hard-to-find jumper links to pages readers would otherwise never see or be able to Google in a hundred years, make YOUR POST THE LAST STOP in the chain of search for information. You should publish enough content to staisfy the reader's "need to know." If you do, you have a good chance that reader will recommend and/or link back to your article! If they do that, go back and say THANK-YOU! (I even do that when people "steal" my content!) Remember, the more you connect with people and share their content the more they will reciprocate.

(_) SPREAD THE WORD It's there? Great! NOW change that title back to the sweet original YOU created! Then, get going and spread it on facebook, tumblr, StumbleUpon and other Social Media.

SHARE IT first on Google+. Then twiter and LinkedIn. Plug it on facebook about 4 to 7 hours later! Be sure to tweet it again exactly (if possible) 12 hours after the first tweet!

DM close friends across social media networks and ask if they’ll help spread the word.

No friends? Awwww! Sucks for you! Start small and build your own little interactive network, one reader at a time. (NOTICE: I am NOT saying "be a member of a clique" - run when you come across a blog whose Top 10 Commenters and "special award winners' etc. are the same sad soprry 5 or 10 bloggers. Seek out VARIETY)

There are several FREE Press Release services on the net (Google 'em) - if your article is really unique or special or could stand alone as a magazine article, go ahead and PROMOTE it!

Visit CommentLuv enabled blogs and leave your comment (and catchy original title)
BEFORE YOU HIT THE "PUBLISH" BUTTON ::: Are you releasing your post at the right moment? If it is on a Friday afternoon/evening, Saturday, Sunday or holiday, make certain people are already buzzing about your topic. Check trends, twitter and facebook. Otherwise, schedule your post for Monday, Tuesday or Thursday morning, and make sure you have time to follow through with my SPREAD THE WORD technique. At least an hour or more.
If you are emphasizing, recommending, selling or giving something away within your post, be sure the offer is contained in a blockquote or textbox about mid-way up in the body of your post, or next to a critical "must-read" paragraph.

VIDEO POSTS? I disagree with the Blogging Gurus. Many A-List bloggers have never, and will never post video.

Don't waste too much time pouring over ANALYTICS.

(_) MAKE A MEDIA KIT - think you're ready to go pro? Don't do this unless you really have something special to offer! I've seen bloggers fall down the cliffs creating idiotic meaningless 'media kits" that get them blacklisted and deleted from RSS readers! I'm going to turn to another blogger to fill you in on the details of the world of media kits. Before I do, I want you to know that as of this date, I haven't yet made one for my blog. That is not to say I never will. Here's the link.

The 15 Commandments of Blogging

Guest Blogging (what you should know)

Blog Contests Missing The Mark

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