Friday, November 25, 2011

Moving? Ship Your Car, Truck or SUV!

One of the difficulties you may encounter when making a move a couple of hundred miles or more away from your current location involves the safe, secure transport of your vehicle(s) to the new place.

These days many families (and many individuals as well) own more than one vehicle. Some folks like to have a car and an SUV or truck. Others have designated "summer" and "winter" vehicles.

If you're taking on a new job or going to college or job-training in a distant city, you probably don't have the time to drive more than one vehicle to your new location (or maybe you don't want to drive your vehicle at all!)

So how do you find the right way to get your vehicle(s) to you? Auto transport is the answer!

Whether the move is cross-state or cross-country, hop online to the very reputable - spend a little time on the site, input your data and you'll receive eight car shipping quotes with a single click of your mouse!

Got a special vehicle, show car or collector car? Whether it's a '49 Hudson, a Model T or a Studebaker Avanti, offers a special quote on fully enclosed auto transport, for worry-free shipping!
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ALSO - if you're selling vehicles thru ebay or Craig's List, you might be able to help your buyer by fidning him or her a reasonable quote through - It's a free, no-hassle way arrange for vehicle transportation.

NO WORRIES! uses carriers that are fully insured and quite dependable! You'll get an estimated timetable for shipment and service that satisfies! There's door-to-door pickup and delivery service, tracking (so you know exactly where your vehicle is at all times) and guaranteed pickup and delivery dates available!
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Auto Transport said...

Thanks for your services will definitely try this for my next time moving.

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