Saturday, November 12, 2011

#OccupyAlbany ::: Different Strokes For Different Shifts?

Occupy Albany stands behind protester who will risk arrest - Times ...
11 hours ago – Earlier this week, Bradley Russell announced he would move his belongings ... conduct' and says that threats of arrest leveled at anyone in Lafayette Park ... Back to Article. Occupy Albany stands behind protester who will risk arrest... his tent to the state-controlled Lafayette Park on Saturday and risk arrest. ...
I was looking forward to reading an Albany Times-Union story entitled "Occupy Albany backs protester who says he'll risk arrest Saturday" --- trouble is, there's nothing there. Not even in "print" mode (see two images way down below)

Reasons I was interested:

(A) I was there at Occupy on thursday morning and NOBODY (and I mean NOBODY) would officially go on microphone to comment about or showed any support for "the protestor" - closest thing to support he got was a vague comment about people's rights to make their own choices. Everyone I approached on this topic backed away.

The Business of Occupy Albany

WAMC - 1 day ago
ALBANY, NY (WAMC) - In addition to making provisions for camping out in cold weather, theAlbany Occupy movement is adding a few business techniques to ...
Perhaps the OA's "General Assembly" met later in the day Thursday and decided to make an "official" policy or statement about supporting the protestor? I wish the newspaper story would "appear" online where it is supposed to be!

(B) In a previous story I crafted about Occupy a few weeks back, the very same angle I covered, appeared much later in the day on TeeVee news with a different cast of what I might call "Occupy characters" (some from places like Ballston Spa) whose opinions and outspokenness were in marked contrast with the folks featured on the report I filed for radio.

MY BEST GUESS ::: the "day shift" at Occupy is vastly different from the "evening shift." Anyone who has worked at a hospital or other 24-hour facility can testify to the change in attitudes between different shifts. The 7-3 shift is all business, while the 3-11 is more laid back, and between 11 and 7 "those night people don't do nothin'" --- so I am wondering if the newspaper reporter spoke with Occupiers from Guilderland and Clifton park who were either there in the evening or during their day off from the regular job, on Friday-Veteran's Day.
Here's the "official" word from Albany's Occupy -

A Statement from Occupy Albany Regarding

The Planned 11/12 Action in Lafayette Park

At 1:00 PM on Saturday, November 12, Dr. Bradley Russell -- a member of the Occupy Albany community -- intends to begin constructing what he's calling a "freedom fort" and moving his tent from the City of Albany-owned Academy Park to the adjacent area to the west, Lafayette Park, which is owned by the State of New York. While this is an individual action on Dr. Russell’s part, Occupy Albany supports his right and the rights of any others who might decide to set up their tents on this parcel of state-owned property.

Russell contends that his move comprises constitutionally protected “expressive conduct” and says that threats of arrest leveled at anyone in Lafayette Park after 11 P.M. constitute an illegal impediment to the lawful exercise of the rights of free speech and free assembly.

The curfew cited by New York State authorities is not publicly posted in or around Lafayette Park. It has also been reported (by Jimmy Vielkind, Times Union) that the curfew appears nowhere in written laws or regulations. Representatives of the state have described the curfew as a tradition passed on verbally over time, but no evidence of it can be found prior to just a few weeks ago. While any such curfew might be subject to legal challenges, the fact that its very existence remains unproven raises the alarming possibility that the state police could be tasked with enforcing a gubernatorial fiat, not a law or regulation derived through proper and recognized process. Occupy Albany would consider such action an abuse of power and a breach of faith with the people of New York.

As a leaderless community governed by general consensus, Occupy Albany participants are free to join Dr. Russell in his action or remain in Academy Park. The choice of any number of people to follow either course should not be construed as a divide in our unity. Those of us taking part here have always had a diversity of concerns and responses, but we stand together on the basic principles set forth by the original Wall Street Occupiers -- most notably, in our outrage over the disproportionate governmental influence wielded by the 1% and the special considerations received by the richest individuals and largest corporations at the expense of our votes, our voices, our democracy, our well-being, and our futures. Whether in Academy Park or Lafayette Park, we stand with and for the 99% and we will not leave until significant change takes place.
You can try the TU link yourself - maybe they'll fix whatever happened before the day is out.

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