Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Almost 2012

Just a few short days until 2012 begins. I certainly won't miss 2011. It was a tough year for many of us! Seems like we had to endure an awful lot of flooding (Japan and New York's Mid-Hudson Valley) along with earthquakes (Japan, NZ) and other natural catastrophes.

I'm pressing on here with the blog - kinda getting back to my "blogging roots" in a sense. I'm done worrying about traffic or PR or monetizing.

I'm blessed with a number of faithful followers who stop by and read my posts everyday. THANK-YOU!

I have a number of followers via Google+ and 180 "members" according to Google "Friend Connect." THANK-YOU!

I must be doing something right...

Blogging and blogs live on, long after (several yearsworth of) predictions they'd be replaced --- I recall back around 2005-6 all the blogging gurus were trying to convince everyone that Vlogs (video blogs) would totally wipe out blogs within a couple of years. How wrong they were (as usual!)

A HUGE Thank you blogger, blog*spot and Google for the wonderful ride right thru now! I am so glad I chose this platform originally! (I still use the XML backup feature on a daily basis, just in case!)

I hate cloud computing - the whole concept - and I still won't venture onto WordPress because of all the hosting and domain crap - [THIS ARTICLE cemented my vow to avoid WP] I've seen too many blogs fall and fail when "hosting" failed - their very blogs collapsing when images and layouts vanished - just recently I was shocked when all the photos on a very popular blog were replaced with this:

The Lesson ::: Forget about adding hosting or imaging gimmicks not supported directly through your blogging platform!

I'm happy with my presence on twitter. My usage of facebook and LinkedIn has shrunken to a level on par with dear old MySpace. Funny how facebook got so "static" - I liked it a lot better a year ago, although I'm not exactly sure why the social network made changes that increased boredom.

This isn't my final farewell to 2011 - that particular post is still being formed in my little green notebook!

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Dawn Conklin said...

Hi Dave,

This is the first time I had the opportunity to read your blog. I have to agree with you about wordpress. I personally do not like wordpress but many people give me the speech when I say this. I am not sure what people's loyalty is to WP!
Great blog, I too noticed that traffic was doing good when I was not too worried about it.
Hope you have a happy new year!

Dave Lucas said...

Hi Dawn! Happy New Year! I like your blog and I hope we can work together on some projects in 2012!

Dawn Conklin said...

Sounds great and thank you! I have been playing around with various ideas for projects throughout 2011. 2012 is going to be the year that these projects will become a finished reality. Maybe we can work together on a couple of them!

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