Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Bloggers: Bring It Home!

IN RECENT WEEKS I HAVE READ SEVERAL "ONLINE HORROR TALES" posted by seasoned, semi-pro, aspiring and professional bloggers alike:
  • BLOGGER A's WordPress blog was deleted. No reason given.
  • BLOGGER B lost his WordPress while he was offline for two days - his hosting company closed up shop!
  • BLOGGER C's blog was "totaled" --- she lost all of her design and template elements, graphics and images when her image hosting company deployed a server upgrade.
  • BLOGGER D saw all of her twitter accounts deleted. By twitter.
Face it. Stuff happens to blogs and other social media. Blogspot and Facebook are also guilty of wiping accounts out.

IF YOU HAVE ANYTHING OF VALUE ON A "CLOUD" or remote server - you should already have it backed up on your harddrive and even better on a CD. (USB sticks are OK for temporary storage: they are prone to failure in time).

THERE ARE MANY WAYS you can save or otherwise back up blogs and webpages. IF IT MEANS ANYTHING TO YOU, SAVE IT! Bring it home to your harddrive (preferably CD)!

Back in the early 2000's there were platforms like Radio, where bloggers automatically had saves of all their material on their harddrives.

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Ana Hoffman said...

And move to Wordpress.org!

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