Monday, December 26, 2011

Get Thousands of Followers on Twitter! HURRY!

I hope everyone had a nice Christmas! 2011 was a hell of a year, which I will address in a future post! I ventured out to the laundromat this morning where I perused the December 2011 issue of WIRED...
I read the mag cover-to-cover ::: but kept returning to an article about social media. Aha!
Just as I had thought - a lot of FAKERS are on twitter! People who stuff their numbers, etc. And some of them are not even celebrities (They just make believe they are!) But they pay "following services" to set them up with "followers": many most of which are "dummy" accounts set up to pad the numbers. WHY BOTHER?
I am on tumblr.comI've maintained that you need to CAP the number of people you follow. I've chosen to cap my account at 300.

According to WIRED, one of the big FAKERS is "Guy Kawasaki" - who I thought from day one was a "fantasy" writer pulling the proverbial wool over people's eyes ::: says WIRED ---"She*** has stood in at the keyboard for Hollywood starlets, sports icons, authors, and tech biggies like former Apple chief evangelist and venture capitalist Guy Kawasaki. The 29-year-old New Yorker, who has a degree in sociology, got her start as a blogger and freelance writer, then stumbled into social media and an extremely successful business venture. Wired asked Colbert what it’s like to be a professional ghost tweeter."

***She is Annie Colbert
Follow ME!I wouldn't recommend buying twitter followers - look at the advert below - A"No password Required" --- or, is it?

Bottom line: you'll be stuck holding the bag, following thousands of accounts that within a month or two, will have stopped following YOU! Big dummy!
Follow me, peeps!More disturbing to me was an article I ripped out of the magazine: "THE CLOUD IS GROWING" - says WIRED: "Join the discussion on Cloudline, an online community presented by IBM and WIRED. Tech experts, journalists, and IT insiders all weigh in on how the cloud is shifting today’s computing landscape."

You all know how much I despise the cloud!
"I prefer to have as much as possible STORED on my computer! That goes for emails, blogs, photos, videos, etc. Sure, I'll have them stowed away 'up there' - but it is always best to keep files saved you can work on stuff if you cannot get online!"[1]

You can store and access gmail, your gmail calendar, facebook & twitter, your blog*spot or wordpress blog, right on your machine. I have all of these files "locked" in a password-protected file on my pc."

This is just a small preview of what will befall those who embrace “cloud technology” – everything you love can be changed with no input from you – and unlike your personal PC or laptop, you have no control over what version or what particular “skin” of a program you are using.

Here's what they say about Dave Lucas ::: "He has deep expertise in the areas of cloud computing, enterprise application implementation, strategic program management and information technology acquisition strategy for federal agencies. He is also a well regarded and sought after speaker on topics including cloud computing, next generation architecture and federal information technology practices and policy."

There was one dude at the laundromat sitting waiting for his clothes to dry, watching this Rihanna picture gallery on his touchpad computer. I noticed he was quite smartly clicking and performing several "Save Image As" functions... and now for something different:

BLOG THOUGHT OF THE DAY ::: "I like seeing how many visitors I have, but I also keep in mind that statistics can be deceiving and are not always accurate. I try not to obsess about visitors or followers." ~ Trish

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