Saturday, December 31, 2011

I'm Not Doing Much Dancing ~ An original poem by Dave Lucas

Bursitis, tendonitis, arthritis I know about those things
I long to once again walk in the sunshine
and feel the sand beneath my feet

All the years gone by cannot come back
Only in my mind they live on
With snapshots of loves that were and
loves that may have been

Instead of "Hi, how are you?"
They ask "How does it feel to be in a wheelchair"
I respond "Well, I wish I could be in a real chair"
But they're not listening
They act as if I'm not here but I really am.

They are angry when I strain to hear them
or when I cough or when I cry
I try not to complain about anything
so they won't call me old crabby fussy

I am careful to be neat and clean
so they won't say "you can't take care of yourself anymore"
Truth is - I never could.
We all care for one another,
from "cradle to grave" as the proverb says

In my mind I am thankful happy laughing and dancing

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bloGGer's note*I wrote this after watching a television program about old age
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1 comment:

Miss I said...

Dave! You poems are thoughtful, intelligent and provocative! Grat picture with this one too!

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