Saturday, December 31, 2011

Jim Morrison's Blog

Jim Morrison, Time Traveler!

The deceased lead singer of the trailblazing rock group, The Doors, was apparently also a time traveler! New information reveals Jim Morrison (Mister Mojo Risin') made a very short visit to 2012, which was documented by a young blogger he met on the streets of New York City! Click on the screengrab below to take a look at the only entry on Jim's blog, which is now gone!
Little known to many, Jim Morrison's friend from UCLA film school was friends with a geek who developed a time travel device. Jim was there when his friend "traveled" backwards to a couple of years before Jim was born. But always ahead of the game, Jim asked to be sent FORWARD in time. Jim visited 2012 for about an hour and 45 minutes: he met a girl blogger who quickly told him about computers and technology and set a blog up for him. He wrote:

I've arrived in 2012 the last year of all. Put on a disguise and took a walk. People on the street have little telephones they keep in their pockets. I went in a record store. The records are tiny here. The Doors are still selling records! Tiny ones!

John went backward in time to 1941 but made the mistake of getting caught by a camera! Not me!

(I added the link - it's not on Jim's blog, which soon vanished as if it never had existed in the first place!)

Thanks to Emilia for accidentally discovering Jim's blog and sending the files over!

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K said...

interesting post!

Anonymous said...

Everything is imagination. There’s nothing strange happening with the world. The world is okay as always.

kta said...

i'm the one of jim morrison fan from indonesia...i was looking information about jim morrison lifes here...thx 4 share

Rima Wiraswasta said...

The Lizard King...he's always be

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